The MTO concept for your best men's suits

An offer designed for best men to match the theme of the big day

Give your best men the chance to shine at the wedding by wearing an outfit made for them in MTO (made-to-order). This will enable them to wear a unique outfit, perfectly adapted to the wedding theme, within a reasonable budget.

Creating an MTO outfit for your best men also means giving them a personalized, one-of-a-kind in-store experience that will be a lasting memory of your wedding preparations.


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The MTO concept

1. You choose all the exterior features of the outfit, starting with the choice of fabric.

2. The same personalization details and fabric are chosen for the best men’ outfits.

3. Each best man chooses his or her jacket and/or trouser and/or vest size from among the sizes and cuts available in the store.

4. Lengths included (back, sleeve and leg lengths)

5. Any additional adjustments that may be necessary can be made with alterations during the final fittings and will be charged to the best men.


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Benefits of the MTO concept

1. Customize the best man’s suit to perfectly match the wedding theme

2. A unique experience shared with your best men that will go down in the memories of your wedding preparations.

3. Your best men realize an outfit better adapted to their morphology

4. You benefit from a more competitive rate than with the custom-made offer for best men outfits

5. You ensure a successful group visual effect, which will also put your close guard at the center of the wedding and recognizable among the guests.


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MTO rates

3-piece suit: €650*

2-piece suit: €500*

Pants only: 190 €*

Jacket only: 350 €*

Vest only: 190 €*

MTO shoes: 250*


*from – price valid on most fabrics in stock, excluding paid options

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