Made-to-measure casual outfits

Casual elegance

Our Made-to-measure casual outfits are the expression of casual elegance. The possibilities are endless, from classic blazers to iconic jackets like the safari jacket or Work Jacket. We also offer tailored jackets, tailored jeans and chinos, as well as more casual footwear such as soft loafers or sneakers. Each piece is designed with exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail.

With customisable cuts and designs, you're sure to find the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

Tailor-made casual

In recent years, tailored casual wear has gained in popularity and even replaced the traditional formal suit on certain occasions.

This trend has given rise to a range of less formal but equally elegant garments, with historic pieces brought up to date such as Gurkha pants, workwear jackets and pop-over shirts. These garments offer great personality and allow individuals to express themselves through their clothing style in a freer, more relaxed way.

Collection casual printemps été

We’ve put together a collection of made-to-measure outfits for the spring-summer season. We’ve carefully selected lightweight, breathable fabrics to ensure your comfort on hot days, such as linen for pants or shirts and wicking for jackets.

We’ve also included classic seasonal pieces such as lightweight chinos, suede loafers or airy pop-over shirts to give you stylish options for every occasion. We’re confident you’ll find something that perfectly suits your personal style and needs for the summer season.

Autumn winter casual collection

We’re delighted to offer you a collection of bespoke casual outfits for the autumn-winter season. We’ve selected quality materials, working extensively on the textures of our drapery fabrics, to create unique effects, with, for example, thick flannels for pants or the use of tweed for jackets.

We’ve also included classic seasonal pieces like bodywarmers, bespoke quilted jackets and balmorales-style booties to ensure you stay warm and stylish at the same time. We’re confident you’ll find something to suit your taste and personal style, thanks to the wide variety of less formal pieces we’ve developed over the last few years.

Our basics

Our casual pants

Our casual shirts

Our casual overcoats

Textures fabrics

Textured fabrics add a unique dimension to casual outfits, subtly accentuating their less formal appearance. By playing with relief contrasts, these fabrics add a visually captivating touch to complement color contrasts. Among these textures, favorites such as tweed, flannel, linen/wool/silk blends and dunegale are very popular in our house.


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