Boost self-confidence thanks to made to measure


To kick off this new series of articles with tips for stylish men, we’re going to start by answering a question: what’s the most important thing to consider when getting dressed in the morning?

  • Color choice? We’ll talk about that later, but it’s only secondary.

  • The fit? We make made-to-measure, so it would be a lie to underestimate the importance of the fit of your garments, but there’s an even more important element…

…Confidence. At the risk of sounding like a self-help manual, confidence will improve all your outfits:

You’ll stand straighter, smile more, look sharper…

A suit is to man what the little black dress is to woman

If women have their little black dresses, men have their suits. The suit is timeless and, when well cut, flatters the figure. It’s a staple of the men’s wardrobe and, above all, a good suit will force you to sit up straight.

That’s why you need to wear your suit with pride. What better way to do this than to go made-to-measure and design your own suit?

A made-to-measure suit: what’s the point?

Today, fashion is more suffered than chosen. And this has an unconscious effect on our confidence: flooded with images, advice, articles… the simple act of wearing a garment no longer exists. And the questions can multiply:

“Do these colors go together?” “How does this cut fit?”

Going made-to-measure means, first of all, trusting the advisor, but also trusting yourself and knowing/being able to say no if ever something doesn’t suit you. But above all, it’s the opportunity to choose YOUR suit.

How can made to measure help boost your confidence?

Simply because you know that the garment has been chosen for you, with you and by you, down to the smallest detail. Instead of following the trends of the moment, you take back control and assert your identity, your style, either in small, discreet touches, or more visually. The suit becomes an extension of you, a part of you, and you wear it proudly.

Step by step…

At this stage, of course, you don’t want to rush things, so it’s best to opt for easy pieces. Sober colors will emphasize the cut of the suit and your silhouette. This sobriety will give more versatility to your suit: from the very classic, an outfit can easily be twisted with a strong accessory: ties and pocket squares are your friends…

Once you’ve mastered this step, it’s perfectly conceivable (and encouraged) to move towards blended patterns: a pretty tone-on-tone Prince of Wales will underline a discreet elegance.

Finally: “Style is a way of saying who you are without having to say anything”: what could be more beautiful, and closer to you, than to compose your own suit and let your own style express itself?

“All the silent joy of Sisyphus is there. His destiny is his own. His rock is his thing.”


Albert Camus.