Peaky Blinders style: old-fashioned class!


The Peaky Blinders series has had a huge impact on the world as well as the fashion world.

Directed by Steven Knight, it was released in 2013 and tells the true story of a notorious criminal gang inBirmingham at the beginning of the 20th century.

Their name, Peaky Blinders, literally translates as the visor-blinders, and is said to derive from the fact that members of this gang hid razor blades in the visors of their caps. However, it’s also known that they used these blades in their caps, as well as in the leather of their clothing, their ties and the bottom of their shoes.

Vintage in the spotlight with Peaky Blinders

From this legendary series, we learn that the working class of the 20s was characterized by poverty.
Hunger, alcoholism, violence and disease were the order of the day. The Peaky Blinders laid down the law in Birmingham, using force, intimidation and murder. But the gang’s look and style of dress are also particularly memorable. To assert their power and might, the Shelby brothers, as well as all members, dressed elegantly. Much of their loot was invested in their clothes.

Timeless and elegant, the outfits worn by the Peaky Blinders gained immense popularity. Even today, the vintage look, with its tweed suits and round-collared shirts, remains popular with fans of the series, as well as with any man looking for a timeless, vintage style. How to achieve a Peaky Blinders look?


Tommy and Arthur Shelby, undeniable Peaky Blinders style references

Throughout most of the series, Thomas Shelby wears the same style of clothing: a three-piece suit in tweedgray or blue wool, a soft blue coat with red lining and a round-collared shirt. All accessorized with an English cap.
His brother, Arthur Shelby, was equally elegant in his choice of outfits, wearing heavier woollen garments with sleeves, overcoats and checked shirts with removable shirt collars. His style was reminiscent of the outfits worn by businessmen of the period.

Members of the Peaky Blinders gang were conspicuous for their three-piece suits, tailored shirts with round collars, English or gavroche caps, boots and pocket watches. The three-piece suit is made from a single fabric. Made of tweed, it was very thick, rough and ideal for the British climate. From suits to shirts, patterned fabrics were very popular: Princes of Wales, checks, stripes… a totally British style!

Made to measure, the classic Peaky Blinders shirt had a slim fit with discreet buttons. It’s usually white, with a round, removable, stiff collar and simple cuffs.