Visually impaired with a vision!

The story behind the inspiration for my latest suit is an unusual one, and deserves to be told.

It all began with one of our most unusual customers… We are fortunate to count Didier ROCHE among our customers. Didier is first and foremost an entrepreneur with a long record of success.


Together with Edouard DE BROUGLI and Fabrice ROSZCZKA, he founded the Ethik Investment Group.

You may already have heard of one of their successful concepts, the restaurant “Dans Le Noir”? The principle is that customers dine in absolute darkness, served by blind or partially-sighted staff. The human and sensory experience is unique! In the same vein, this latest project, “Le Spa Dans le Noir”, is also in full development.

Didier Roche is also a person who pays attention to his appearance, and wants to convey part of his personality through his clothes. He wears suits regularly for his work or for the various conferences he hosts. He appreciates outfits that are elegant yet stand out from the crowd, with a willingness to take risks in the choice of colors and patterns.

As a visually impaired person, to determine what looks good on him, he has sought the advice of a style consultant and also talks to his friends and family for inspiration. As a result, he’s quite specific about what he wants.

So it was on the occasion of his second outfit that he came up with several suit ideas, and in particular a color for which he wanted my advice: “burgundy” (a dark but luminous color). After a search of the showroom’s 5,000 references, we found a light flannel from Holland & Sherry whose feel immediately appealed to him, and whose color immediately convinced me.

Holland & Sherry –  Classic Flannel en 280gm par mètre (référence 753110)

The result of this design completely seduced me, so I decided to make myself a three-piece suit in the same fabric. See the result below:

Thanks again Didier for this wonderful idea!