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The secret of a successful masculine look also lies in the combination of suit and shoes.
If you have a suit and a pair of the latest shoes and don’t know how to match them, you risk ruining your efforts. Would you like to know how to match a man’s suit and shoes to suit the occasion? You’ll find a few tips in this post.

1 – Corporate style

As an entrepreneur, it’s essential to look after your image.
Whether you’re in the office, canvassing or meeting customers, elegance is key to your image. In these circumstances, the navy blue suit remains the must-have. It’s classic, but allows you to adopt an assertive look without overdoing it. As for footwear, black, navy and cognac are the colors of choice.

A navy blue suit with black shoes: Opting for black shoes with a navy blue suit means knowing how to remain discreetly elegant. In fact, it’s the easiest choice to avoid errors of taste. It’s said that a man should always have a pair of black richelieu or derby shoes tucked away in his wardrobe, and this is the golden rule of men’s dressing.

A navy blue suit with navy blue shoes: Navy blue is a safe color for any outfit. However, if you want to wear navy shoes with a navy suit, they should be darker than your outfit.

A navy suit with cognac shoes: Cognac is a more pronounced shade of brown. It’s perfect for contrasting with a navy-blue suit without straying too far from your corporate look. However, cognac easily attracts attention. Match it with a tie or clutch in the same color.

2 – For an elegant, professional look

There are times when a more refined professional look is desirable. To be elegant on such occasions, choose a black suit with dark brown, black or deep red shoes.

A black suit with dark brown shoes: Some will tell you that dark brown shoes will never go with a black suit. Well, the code has changed! This color provides a discreet contrast with your black outfit. Dark brown is a great way to break away from traditional black shoes from time to time.

A black suit with black shoes: The black suit/black shoes combination remains the elegant look par excellence. Don’t hesitate to liven up your outfit with a tie or tailored shirt.

Black suit with deep red shoes: Need to stand out from the crowd? Wear a black suit with intense red shoes for a look that’s out of the ordinary, yet still professional.

3 – For casual chic

Even in a casual workplace, suits are always welcome. In this case, opt for a blue suit. Then opt for navy blue or white shoes. They go perfectly with this color.

Blue suit with navy shoes: Want a sophisticated yet casual look? A pair of navy blue shoes with a blue suit will look great.

A blue suit with white shoes: Combining white shoes with a blue suit allows you to adopt a streamlined look and avoid looking too formal while conforming to the demands of the office. White adds freshness and creates a contrast with your blue outfit. A white round-neck T-shirt will complete your look.

4 – For casual style

In a company with a low dress code, there’s always room for a suit. For a stylish casual look, opt for a gray suit. It’s suitable for all business casual occasions. Black or dark brown shoes go perfectly with this suit.

Grey suit with dark brown shoes: If you want to combine dark brown shoes with a grey suit, it’s best to adopt the same shades. For example, pair these dark brown shoes with a dark gray suit.

A grey suit with black shoes: Not very comfortable with brown? Black shoes are the perfect choice. Discreet, but always elegant, they’re always there to rescue those who are afraid of making a mistake.

5 – For summer style

With the arrival of warmer weather, a light-colored suit is the perfect way to face the summer heat in style. For example, opt for a pale blue suit and a pair of black or navy blue shoes.

Pale blue suit with navy blue shoes: Tone-on-tone style always looks sophisticated, so achieve a balanced look with a light blue suit and a pair of navy blue shoes.

A light blue suit with black shoes: Generally speaking, light suits give a casual look. If you want to stay stylish in summer, opt for black shoes.