Beige single-breasted cashmere overcoat

A warm and sophisticate coat

Discover our made-to-measure beige single-breasted cashmere overcoat, a winter wardrobe essential. In this cashmere, you'll find the comfort and warmth you need to face the cooler days.

Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

To sum up,

The single-breasted overcoat was influenced by military clothing, which at the time was often fitted and straight to allow greater freedom of movement. It quickly became a popular choice among elegant men and professionals, as it offered a more masculine and formal silhouette.

The fabric

The draper

Maison Piacenza is a renowned Italian brand in the textile industry. Founded in 1733, it has a rich history and tradition of craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation. Specializing in the manufacture of high-end fabrics, Piacenza is renowned for its exceptional quality, attention to detail and expertise in the choice of raw materials.

The composition

This 100% cashmere overcoat offers an enveloping feeling of comfort and softness, keeping you warm even in cold weather. Cashmere is a luxurious material, prized and renowned for its exceptional softness and warmth. This beige cashmere coat is also lightweight and breathable, making it an ideal choice. In other words, it keeps you comfortable while protecting you from the elements.

The color

Beige is a neutral, versatile color that easily complements a variety of outfits and styles. It provides an understated, subtle base to accentuate other elements of the outfit, such as accessories or bolder pieces. What’s more, beige is a timeless, classic color that doesn’t go out of style easily, making it a safe, long-lasting choice for your wardrobe.

The options


This overcoat is not only cashmere, but also features a brown quilted microfiber lining. This adds a thin layer of fabric for even greater comfort in cooler weather. A detachable quilted suede throat is also inserted on this overcoat to close it at the chest.


This overcoat features slanted pockets offering a combination of style, functionality and modernity. Their slanted position creates a dynamic line that breaks the monotony of the design and adds a touch of modernity. They also make it easier to insert and remove items carried in pockets. Finally, they can be seen as a subtle but distinctive design detail, showing attention to detail and a quest for modern aesthetics.

A few details

Among the options added to this overcoat are a beautiful martingale on the back, a contrasting brown suede band on the collar stand, and brown urea buttons. The martingale is a design detail that adds a modern visual dimension to the coat. Urea buttons are renowned for their strength and durability, so they’re less likely to break or damage over time.

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Whether for work or everyday wear, our coat is the perfect choice for facing the cooler months in style.


Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

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