Black tuxedo

Pull out all the stops

Black tuxedos are suitable for a variety of wedding themes, especially those that aim for a chic, elegant ambience.

It is often associated with evening weddings, as it is considered the appropriate attire for formal events that take place after sunset. It adds an air of sophistication and glamour to an evening reception.

Finally, for a wedding that emphasizes glamour and luxury, the tuxedo remains the ideal choice.

To sum up,

The tuxedo is a choice that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests, and further demonstrate your sense of style and taste for elegant, chic pieces.


Parts details

The jacket

It’s made from a high-quality black fabric, a wool and mohair blend perfect for a bespoke tuxedo. It features wide satin lapels that add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the ensemble. The double-breasted jacket has a slim, figure-hugging cut and features six satin-covered front buttons for an elegant, streamlined look. Pockets are discreetly integrated into the seam, adding a touch of functionality without compromising formal aesthetics.

Lapels can be notched, pointed or shawled, depending on personal preference.


Also made from the same fabric as the jacket. They also feature a tailored cut that enhances the silhouette while offering optimum comfort. Made-to-measure tuxedo pants generally have a slightly higher waistband, side adjusters and a satin ribbon on the side.


For this black tuxedo, choose a quality fabric from our draper Dormeuil and his ceremonial bundle. Its 325g weight and blend of wool and mohair ensure a perfect fall with a beautiful catch of light.

Taking it a step further

To complete your outfit, choose a bespoke white shirt with a bib, and match it with a black satin bow tie.

Do you know the history of tuxedos ?

The origins

In 1860, a man by the name of Henry Poole, a renowned London tailor, created the first “smoking jacket”. The garment was intended to be worn after dinner in private, when men retired to a separate room to smoke cigars and drink whisky.

The original tuxedo was a black velvet jacket with satin lapels, designed for comfort and elegance. It was often matched with satin pants, also in black. The tuxedo jacket was characterized in particular by its loose fit, long sleeves and deep pockets, offering freedom of movement.

Over time, the tuxedo evolved into a popular formal outfit for evening events, particularly in aristocratic circles and private clubs. Tuxedos gained in popularity in the early 20th century, thanks in particular to style icons such as the Duke of Windsor and the Earl of Caserta.

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