Blue striped 2 pieces suit

A trendy business suit

The work often involves careful dress in order to prove seriousness and commitment. For a formal look, our blue striped 2 pieces suit, double breasted jacket is the perfect option. This suit consists of a 6 over 2 double breasted jacket, matching pants and comes with a beautiful green knitted tie.

Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

To sum up,

Our tailored striped business suit is a perfect outfit for everyday work. Wearing a patterned double-breasted jacket with matching pants created an elegant and trendy look.

The suit as a whole

The double-breasted jacket 6 on 2

It’s a bold and stylish choice for work. The fabric is a beautiful, lightweight 260 gram flannel woven by Italian draper Vitale Barberis Canonico. The striped pattern requires meticulous cutting work in order to have perfect alignment throughout. Wool is the most used fabric for making costumes thanks to its breathable, aesthetic and durable properties. The pockets are straight and with flaps, which is the most appropriate choice for the style of this tailor-made suit.


Thanks to its cuffs and its tightening tabs, these bottoms offer a very trendy and elegant look for a harmonious ensemble.

Som details,

The lapel

This jacket offers a large, sharp-peak lapel to add character to the jacket. The double-breasted design of the jacket amplifies the shoulders to give the impression of a more athletic silhouette.


In synthetic horn, this choice of buttons offers perfect harmony with the color of the jacket. The buttons elegantly add relief to the front of the bust.


The flap pockets, parallel to the bottom of the jacket, allow you to maintain a form of classicism for a work suit where the crossed jacket with the stripes already brings all the character of the suit.

Want to see more ?

Discover the striped double-breasted suit from every angle. The color blue, symbol of work, will make your ensemble timeless and elegant. Bring a trendy style with this suit into your wardrobe to impress your colleagues and make an impression on your colleagues during meetings.


Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

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