Blue two-pieces suit

An essential and elegant suit

The work often involves careful dress in order to prove seriousness and commitment. For a formal look, our blue two-pieces suit is a perfect option. This suit consists of a single-breasted jacket and matching pants as well as a khaki popover shirt. The outfit is completed with a beautiful pair of dark brown leather loafers.

Photographe : @cremeuxphoto

To sum up,

Our made to measure blue two-pieces suit is a perfect outfit for everyday work or casual Friday. Wearing the khaki popover shirt brings a less formal aspect to the outfit, making it casual and wearable for outings with friends.

The suit as a whole

The fabric

The fabric is a lightweight 260 gram flannel woven by Italian draper Vitale Barberis Canonico. This texture is suitable for the fall-winter seasons with a weight that allows it to be worn without being too hot when it is milder.


This single-breasted jacket with a straight notch closes with 2 buttons. These customization options form the ultimate classic jacket. It’s a versatile piece and easy to wear for different situations.


This single-breasted jacket has a piped pocket on each side. This option is often used to bring a distinguished and more ceremonial element to the jacket. These are inclined which gives a more fitted appearance to the waist.

The popover shirt

This shirt, with a sportswear connotation, can be worn with a suit for an elegant and casual look. Its Neapolitan collar and its twill weave provide a distinguished and textured appearance.

Some details,


These pants tighten at the waist using tightening tabs. This support system provides a more pronounced aesthetic to the waistband of the pants. One of the special features of this belt is the offset closure which makes it more elegant and versatile.

The shoes

This magnificent pair of moccasins offers a very distinguished look to the outfit. Indeed, the applique on the shoe platform gives a very chic look to the shoe. This dark brown leather also makes for a very elegant and easily wearable shoe in different situations.

Want to see more ?

Discover the blue two-pieces suit from every angle. The blue color, symbol of work, will make your outfit elegant but accessible thanks to the popover shirt.

Bring a versatile outfit to your wardrobe with this simple and classic suit for everyday work.


Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

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