Brown 3-pieces wedding suit

A wedding with warm, autumnal nuances

Choosing a brown 3-piece suit for your wedding can be an original and elegant option that stands out from traditional wedding outfits.

Brown is a warm color that evokes feelings of conviviality, comfort and harmony. This can create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and give a more intimate touch to the celebration.

Photographer: @samantha_pastoor

To sum up,

Brown is a warm, versatile color that can be well suited to autumn or winter weddings. Also, checks add a touch of character and texture to the outfit. So go ahead and opt for a subtle check pattern for a more elegant and sophisticated look.

Parts details

The jacket

First of all, the color of this tailored suit is a deep brown. The cut is slim and modern to enhance the wearer’s appearance. Plus, it features two front buttons for closure, underlining the classic three-piece suit style. The shoulders are lightly padded, offering a structured, masculine look. Matching buttons on the sleeves also add a touch of refinement. The front features subtle blue checks, creating a discreet yet elegant pattern that adds a touch of sophistication to the ensemble.

The vest

Also in the same brown hue and with the same subtle blue check pattern. It is designed to fit the torso perfectly and closes at the front with discreet buttons. The vest adds an extra layer of sophistication to the suit, while allowing flexibility for those occasions when you might wish to remove the jacket and still look polished.


Trousers also match the suit as a whole, to create harmony. They feature an elegant, tapered cut that flatters the figure. The waistband is fitted with belt loops, making it easy to adjust the pants to your waist and to match your shoes.


For a beautiful brown fabric, we recommend the Bluefeel wad from Italian draper Drago, which offers a range of beautiful shades.

Why this suit ?

First of all, keep in mind the season of the wedding. As you can guess, if it’s autumn or winter, brown can be an excellent option – its warm tones will create a warm, enveloping atmosphere even if the temperatures are chilly.

Moreover, Brown remains a very elegant and increasingly fashionable color in the world of suits, also thanks to its timelessness, which is appreciated throughout the seasons.

What’s more, the pieces making up this bespoke suit are easy to wear on a daily basis.

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Photographer : @samantha_pastoor

MUAH : @lorine.mua

Hot-air balloon : @airpegasusmontgolfiere

Florist : L’Usine à Pétales

Location and Rolls Royce : Manoir de Vacheresses 

the bride and groom : Victor Persange @victor_persange et Julie Marsouin @mdl_julia


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