Green flannel wedding suit

A winter wedding

With its soft feel and matte, plush look, this Green flannel wedding suit is also water-repellent thanks to its pressed fabric. So it's sure to keep you warm, even in winter.

This winter, flannel imposes its double alliance with dexterity. Thanks to its lightweight yet highly resistant fabric, which is virtually wrinkle-free.

With its strong character, it's perfect for outdoor ceremonies and can be worn by the whole family for a retro-chic ambience that stands the test of time. This style also evokes the Peaky Blinders style favored by many brides and grooms.

Photographer: @kewin.connin.jackson

To sum up,

Green flannel wedding suit is a fabric more suited to colder seasons, such as autumn or winter. If your wedding takes place during this season, flannel will be a perfect choice to keep you warmer and more comfortable, while remaining elegant.



Parts details

The jacket

It’s designed with vintage details like wider, slightly rounded lapels. Also, flannel offers a soft, warm texture for the cooler months of the year. The jacket’s pockets can be adorned with flaps or piped pockets. As for the jacket’s buttons, they can be classic or horn, adding a touch of authenticity. The shoulders of the jacket are straight, giving an elegant, structured silhouette.

The vest

This is the defining element of a three-piece suit. For a classic look, it’s also made from the same green flannel as the jacket. It’s fitted and sleeveless, worn under the jacket to add elegance and sophistication to the ensemble. It has a line of buttons to match those on the jacket and a coordinating fabric lining. The back of the vest can be made in a satin or silk fabric with an adjustable belt for a perfect fit.


Matching the jacket and vest, made from the same green flannel to create a coherent look. They have a high waist and slightly flared legs to further evoke the aesthetic of years gone by.

The fabric

We recommend a fabric from the famous Italian draper Loro Piana from the wool and cashmere collection (90% wool 10% cashmere).

What color flannel to choose?

Choose a flannel color that harmonizes with your wedding theme and colors. Also, classic colors such as gray, dark green or brown are often popular for flannel wedding suits. When it comes to style, you can opt for a three-piece suit, a two-button suit or even a flannel tuxedo, depending on the mood you want for your wedding. Here, we offer a 3-piece suit, ideal for a dressy outfit.

The vintage ambiance blends with timeless quality pieces, flannel being a beautiful material that’s both thick and easy to care for.

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Photographer : @kewin.connin.jackson


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