Intense black two-piece wedding suit

An elegant and chic choice

The intense black two-piece suit for a wedding is a piece of high elegance and refinement. In fact, it's designed to enhance the groom's charm on his special day. This suit is made from a high-quality, versatile 4-season fabric.

Photographer: @paulinaweddings

To sum up,

The intense black two-piece suit remains the undisputed choice for a groom in search of timeless elegance and refined sobriety. It embodies the quintessence of sophistication and classic charm, establishing the groom as the true protagonist of this unforgettable day. Whether the occasion is a formal or semi-formal wedding, this suit is sure to capture everyone’s attention and seal the moment indelibly in the memory of every guest. With its unrivalled depth of black, this two-piece suit gives the groom an aura of unrivalled elegance, making him the undisputed star of this memorable event.

Parts details

The Jacket

We’ve meticulously tailored the jacket to ensure a perfect fit. The classic two-button cut follows the curves of the body, enhancing the groom’s silhouette. What’s more, it’s lightly padded at the shoulders for a confident, masculine look.

The intense black hue of the jacket adds a touch of sophistication and sobriety, while the matte finish of the fabric gives it a resolutely modern and elegant look. What’s more, the sleeves are fitted, stopping at the cuffs, which will showcase elegant cufflinks.

The pants

The pants are also cut slightly close to the body, helping to visually elongate the legs. What’s more, we’ve carefully worked the waist to further accentuate the groom’s silhouette, creating a graceful, distinguished look.


With a black suit, the choice of shoes leaves no room for hesitation: opt for a pair that’s also black. On the other hand, it’s best to avoid classic shades such as brown.

Why this suit ?

This intense black two-piece suit embodies the very essence of elegance and timeless chic. It’s ideal for sophisticated, classic weddings, adding a touch of mystery to the ceremony atmosphere. Its adaptability extends to both evening and daytime weddings, thanks to its plain fabric and monochrome look, which allow it to blend easily with a variety of moods.

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Photographer @paulinaweddings

Videographer @julienzolli

Suit : @blandindelloye

Floral Artist @le.fleuriste

Stationery @twomadeonestudio

Make-up Artist @hennebeauty

Hair stylist @frederik.a_hair_makeup

Planning & design @lapetiteagencedgm

Dresses @galialahav 

Earrings @lamanojewellery & @a.b.ellie

Shoes @flordeasoka

Venue : @moulindelaunoy

Models : @isabelle_cooke & @bucheron12


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