Light grey double-breasted coat

A warm and elegant coat

Discover our made-to-measure light grey double-breasted coat, an elegant winter wardrobe staple. In this wool, you'll find warmth and elegance for a comfortable winter.

Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

To sum up,

The double-breasted coat is a classic, timeless choice that stands out from single-breasted coats, adding an extra dimension to your outfit. Peaked lapels are renowned for their bold allure. What’s more, they elongate your silhouette by creating a rising line to the shoulders, enhancing your figure. This coat shows confidence and a strong sense of style, while maintaining classic elegance.

The fabric

The draper

Dugdale is a British brand of luxury fabrics founded in 1896. Dugdale fabrics are made using traditional craft methods, combined with modern techniques to guarantee exceptional quality. The house stands out for its vast selection of fabrics, including flannels, tweeds, cashmeres and classic suiting fabrics.

The composition

This 580-gram 100% wool coat is considered heavy and thick, making it an ideal choice for colder seasons. It offers extra insulation and protection from the elements, keeping you warm and protecting you from wind and cold. Wool is defined by its breathability, which means it regulates body temperature by wicking away moisture and allowing air to circulate.

The color

Gray is a versatile choice for the professional world, as it is both sober and versatile. It conveys an image of elegance and seriousness, while being less formal than black. Gray combines easily with other colors, creating harmonious and varied combinations, while remaining suitable for different work environments.

The options


In addition to being made of wool, this coat is fully lined with dark gray quilting. This adds a thin layer of fabric for even greater comfort in cooler weather.


This coat features 6 cm patch pockets with flaps. Patch pockets with flaps offer practical functionality. The flaps can be raised to protect the contents of the pockets from the elements or unwanted objects. They can also be lowered to create a more casual look.

A few details

Among the options added to this overcoat are a section of charcoal gray felt under the collar, a contrasting band of gray suede on the collar stand, and charcoal gray buttons in matte finish. The contrasting band adds depth and dimension to your coat. It also allows you to personalize your overcoat and make it unique by choosing the color and material.

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Discover the light grey double-breasted coat from every angle.

Whether for work or everyday wear, our double-breasted coat is the perfect choice for staying warm in style during the cooler months.


Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

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