made-to-measure blue striped shirt

a distinguished and trendy shirt

Discover our made-to-measure blue striped shirt, a trendy piece for an elegant, refined look. Made to your exact measurements, this shirt ensures a perfect fit that will further enhance your silhouette. The high-quality fabric feels exceptionally soft and comfortable, keeping you feeling at ease all day long.

Photographer: @cremeuxphoto

To sum up,

The stripe shirt is a great piece to have in your wardrobe, thanks to its modernity. The stripes add an interesting visual dynamic to the shirt, giving it character and personality. What’s more, blue is a versatile colour that easily complements other colours and patterns, giving you plenty of combination options. Also, the blue striped shirt is suitable for a variety of occasions, from work and formal events to casual occasions.

The fabric

The weaver

Founded in 1796 in Leeds, England, Thomas Mason has been a renowned weaver of high quality shirt fabrics for over two centuries. Using premium cotton fibres from the world’s best sources, Thomas Mason fabrics are renowned for their superior quality, softness and durability.


This shirt is made from 100% cotton 123 gram poplin. Poplin is a lightweight, finely woven cotton fabric, giving it a soft, smooth texture. It offers optimum comfort thanks to its breathability and ability to regulate body temperature. Cotton is a natural fibre that offers great durability and wrinkle resistance, so your shirt will stay looking great all day long. The weight of 123 grams indicates a medium-weight fabric, making it a versatile choice for different seasons.

The colour

The sky-blue colour adds a touch of freshness and brightness to any outfit. What’s more, the blue stripes add a dimension of sophistication and style to the shirt, giving it a timelessly elegant look with character and personality.


The collar

The Italian collar is versatile and suitable for a variety of occasions, whether for work, formal events or casual occasions. The 7.5 cm height is just the right balance, providing classic elegance without being too imposing. The Italian collar has a slightly wider neckline and more spread-out points, giving it a modern, sophisticated look. It goes well with a variety of ties and allows for a neat presentation of the bow. The stiff collar adds extra structure to the collar, allowing it to stay in place throughout the day. It is often preferred for formal occasions, business meetings or special events.


Unlike traditional straight cuffs, bevelled cuffs have a diagonal cut at the end, creating a V or angled shape. As a result, bevelled cuffs are often associated with formal or dressy outfits, adding finesse and style.

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Whether for work or events, our shirt is the perfect choice to add confidence to your attitude.


Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

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