Summer suit, sand jacket and white pants

A versatile, casual mismatched suit

At work, you often need to be well-groomed to prove your seriousness and commitment. For a casual look, our mismatched 2-piece Sand jacket summer suit is the perfect option. This suit comprises a sand-colored straight jacket, white suit pants and a beige polo shirt. The outfit is completed by a beautiful pair of brown suede loafers.

Photographer: @cremeuxphoto

To sum up,

Our tailored Sand jacket summer suit is the perfect outfit for everyday work or summer evenings. The beige color combination offers a casual coastal suit for any occasions.

The overall look

The Jacket

Featuring a straight cut, the jacket imparts a timeless elegance to the overall ensemble. However, what truly sets this suit apart is its exquisite color. The textured linen weave, a characteristic feature, bestows upon the jacket a laid-back, relaxed appearance. Furthermore, the sandy hue enhances this casual effect, resulting in a jacket that effortlessly balances both elegance and informality.

The Pants

Incorporating an offset closure and a straight hem, these trousers represent a refined and classic interpretation of suit pants. They offer remarkable versatility, allowing them to be worn independently with a shirt or as part of a coordinated set with a jacket. The white color introduces a touch of summery sophistication to this chic attire.

The Fabric

Now, delving into the fabric of the jacket, it’s a splendid blend of linen, wool, and silk meticulously woven by the renowned Italian draper, Loro Piana. Weighing a mere 220 grams, it boasts a lightness that makes it exceptionally suitable for summer wear, providing a comfortable and stylish ensemble.

Some details,

The Polo Shirt

Starting with the polo shirt, despite its sportswear associations, it can be paired with a suit to achieve an effortlessly elegant yet casual appearance. Notably, its Neapolitan collar and twill weave contribute to its refined, textured aesthetics.


Moving on to the pockets, the inclusion of patch pockets on the jacket lends it a more relaxed and informal aura. This enhanced casual appeal renders the jacket versatile enough to be suitable for a range of different situations.


Finally, let’s discuss the footwear. This splendid pair of moccasins brings a fashionable edge to the ensemble. The suede texture, in particular, infuses a casual flair into the outfit, making it adaptable for various occasions.

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Discover the mismatched suit from every angle. The combination of beige, sand and white makes for a casual summer ensemble.

Add a casual look to your wardrobe with this suit for work or summer evenings.


Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

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