Discover our made-to-measure suit boutique in Le Mans to make your own custom-made suits, for a wedding or simply to look elegant every day.

In the heart of the city of Le Mans, Maison Blandin & Delloye stands out for the subtle art of combining tradition and modernity. Nestled near the listed Saint-Julien cathedral, Romain and his team’s establishment evokes unrivalled expertise in the design of made-to-measure costumes, marked by an in-depth knowledge of the trade.

Blandin & Delloye Le Mans was opened by Romain, who became a partner in Blandin & Delloye following his conversion to the made-to-measure world.

Romain is very attached to his Italian origins, a country that has exuded craftsmanship and know-how for centuries.

Although he didn’t grow up with made-to-measure suits, he has always had an attraction for the handmade. In the 2000s, he developed a passion for menswear, and as time went by, he perfected his choices and approach. He became an entrepreneur in ties, founding the Gentlemenclover brand in 2017.

On the strength of this experience, Romain decided to change direction and make a living from his passion. A complementary parallel to bespoke suits and the Blandin & Delloye offer. His suiting style is very “sartorial”. In his spare time, he is also passionate about fine watchmaking and running.

The 43m2 space is organized around a warm and inviting reception area and a more intimate
and a more intimate area dedicated to personalization and measurements.
Every detail, from collar to lining to buttons, is meticulously considered in the quest for the perfect image of gentleman chic.
Romain's expertise is available in made-to-measure, two-piece and three-piece pieces,
designed to sublimate his customers' silhouettes. No impersonal ready-to-wear here,
but modern service executed with the rigor of traditional craftsmanship.
For the past 3 years, Le Mans has been home to this famous tailoring house. Located at 23 rue Gougeard, the store offers a sanctuary of masculine chic and elegance, in a hushed, academic atmosphere that brilliantly combines classic and contemporary.

Our team


Who are you?
Romain, associate - Showroom Blandin & Delloye - Le Mans.


What's your ideal suit?
Without hesitation, a double-breasted suit, no matter what the buttoning, 4x2, 6x1, as long as it's doppio petto!


Your favorite color?
Green, and that's a good thing because at Blandin & Delloye, this color is part of us and sets the tone in our showrooms.


Your weekend look?
I like to wear the Gurkha, and if it's not a Gurkha, the pants should be high-waisted and double-pegged. Paired with a colored sweater or polo. Vintage Swatch on the wrist. NB 327 on my feet, I assume my associations.


An IG account that inspires you?
For clothing, @bntailor & @chad_park_ are my inspiration for the style, cut and energy of bespoke suits. I'm also very attached to haute horlogerie accounts for inspiration. A man's watch is often consistent with his outfit.

"If you need a costume, look no further!"

After several trips down the street, Blandin & Delloye really caught my eye.
So it was here that I decided to order my first made-to-measure suit for my wedding.
Welcomed by the amiable and elegant Romain, I was guided through my various choices, be they fabrics, colors, fantasies or even pocket types (I didn't know it was possible!).
The bottom line is that I've never felt as good as I do in these clothes, and they fit me perfectly!
I can't thank Romain enough for his professionalism and guidance, which made me dream, all in a most pleasant and refined setting.
If you need a suit, look no further - it's right here.
Alex A.
Le Mans

"I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat."

Looking for a suit for my wedding in early December 2022, I stumbled across the Blandin & Delloye boutique on the Internet. It was a first for me, making a made-to-measure suit.
I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Romain was very welcoming; his expertise and advice, for a novice like me, were invaluable. I was able to get THE suit I wanted, with very good quality products and in a very short time. The result lived up to expectations. Both the suit and the shoes matched my expectations perfectly, and were a big hit with my wife, our families and friends.
Thank you Romain. I recommend Romain with my eyes closed, whether for a wedding suit, any other event or everyday wear.
Charlie Guillot
Le Mans

"I can only recommend it 100%."

What a pleasant discovery this Blandin & Delloye boutique is, where made-to-measure menswear is within everyone's reach.
The decor is impeccable, and Romain's welcome is highly professional. You can tell he's passionate about men's fashion, and his advice will help you choose the made-to-measure garment best suited to your budget and style. As for me, I had my first experience in November with the purchase of 2 made-to-measure shirts, and I went back to see Romain in December to invest in a sublime made-to-measure coat.
Delighted with my purchases, I can only recommend Romain and this boutique 100%.
Judicaël Lerey
Le Mans

"The result is perfect"

I highly recommend going to see Romain at Blandin & Delloye! I was initially reluctant to choose a made-to-measure suit (compared to the price of ready-to-wear, but forced to do so by the incredibly limited and basic choice), but with Romain I found not only a wide choice of fabrics, but also very sound and personalized advice. Romain knows how to guide you while listening to your desires. The result is perfect: a prince-de-galles suit with a mismatched vest. It's everything I wanted: a suit that's out of the ordinary, sublime and comfortable. Thanks again Romain for your support and your passion for suits!
Théo Denis
Le Mans