Find your most beautiful festive outfit

2022 is fast approaching, and the end of the year means festivities. From December 24 to 31, ceremonies of all kinds will be taking place, whether in the family, the community or the company. It’s time to start thinking about what to wear during this festive period!

When choosing an outfit for any event, the first thing to think about is the theme. Often, at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, organizers specify a particular theme or dress code. Otherwise, you need to think about yourself: what outfit am I comfortable in? What makes me stand out?
To do this, consider which look enhances your body type and which color brings out the best in your complexion. You also need to think about the context of the ceremony: whether you’ll be dancing or staying up all night, or whether you’ll be in an outdoor venue.

The perfect Christmas look

Christmas Eve is usually a family affair. The holiday is naturally associated with family meals, gifts and, above all, the magic of Christmas. As such, the outfit should reflect this Christmas spirit. However, it’s essential to feel comfortable and at ease in your outfit. The ideal is to adopt a dressy look with a tailor-made, classy men’s suit. Your outfit should inspire conviviality, i.e. neither too sexy nor too overdressed.

For women, the traditional little black dress or red trapeze dress will do just fine. This look enhances femininity and, of course, the figure. You can also opt for the trends of the moment: subtle check patterns, Prince of Wales, etc. You can also choose to keep your hair natural or adorn it with small, shiny accessories. But there’s nothing wrong with opting for a classy hairstyle such as a high bun, wavy hair to one side of the head, and so on.

Christmas attire also depends on family traditions. It’s possible, for example, to leave classy dresses aside and adopt a cosy look. Chunky woollens and warm leggings will add a more original touch. To accessorize this typical family Christmas outfit, complete it with heeled ankle boots and sparkling jewelry.


For men, you can find a made-to-measure suit online that’s both casual and stylish. You can opt for the famous sober, basic black or navy-blue suit and sublimate it with a plain tie or bow tie. You can also choose to wear velvet pants, or even jeans, with a Christmas-print sweater. The whole ensemble goes perfectly with boots and a scarf.

Dress for New Year’s Eve

Dress for New Year’s Eve should be particularly festive, bordering on the extravagant. The rule is to opt for eye-catching patterns, sequins and sequined outfits.
However, it’s always important to think about comfort and what suits your body type and what you like best. You also need to think about the setting for the ceremony.
If the end-of-year party is taking place in the office, overly sexy outfits are strongly to be avoided. Instead, it’s best to wear refined, glamorous and very elegant outfits, without straying too far from glittery themes and strappy accessories. You can even put some shine in your hair and, of course, opt for glittery make-up.

Colors play a key role in the look. For men, a tuxedo or tailored suit is currently very much in vogue. Otherwise, timeless black, gray, navy or beige will do.
For women, you can wear a dress, skirt or jumpsuit. If you opt for a dress, don’t forget to wear tights underneath. Black tights are the most classic and have the advantage of going with any dress. A little tip: choose those that slightly reveal the skin and have a satin finish.

For those who prefer a more original look, navy blue, burgundy or anthracite tights will surely embellish your dress. You can also choose lace or plumetis tights. If you prefer to wear a skirt, choose one that suits your body type and assets. A short skirt will enhance slender legs, while a straight skirt will hide thighs and hips. A high-waisted skirt and a flowing flared skirt will refine your silhouette and legs.

When it comes to accessories, a silver or gold clutch bag will keep your look glittering. As for shoes, choose them according to your outfit. Choose pumps, derbies, ankle boots and babies, or low-cut, closed-toe shoes. For men, we offer a full range of accessories in our boutiques and online.