An essential combination To round up your outfit

Shirts and ties are two elements that need to be matched for a classy look. So what are the possible combinations to match these two items of clothing?

A patterned shirt and tie

It’s important to remember this tip: a plaid shirt can’t be matched with a patterned tie. It’s better to wear a plain tie in colors that match the hues of your outfit. You should also avoid wearing a striped shirt with a tie featuring similar stripes.

Furthermore, a tie with fine stripes cannot be matched with coarse stripes. The same is true in other senses, so a tie with thick stripes doesn’t go with a shirt with thin stripes. For an original look, it’s best, for example, to wear a navy blue suit with an attractive tailored shirt in white poplin with dark stripes. A navy tie with red stripes will also do the trick.

What tie to wear with a blue shirt?

To make a dark tie stand out, it’s best to wear it with a shirt in light shades of blue. In fact, there are many possible combinations between blue shirts and ties.
For example, orange can be matched with blue. It’s best to wear a burnt-orange tie with a light-blue shirt. The tie should be a darker shade than the shirt. Alternatively, for a blue shirt, pairing it with a green tie is also a good alternative.

What to wear with a pink shirt?

Pink and blue are opposites, but it’s possible to combine a light pink shirt with a darker purple tie. Then there’s green, which, despite being a complementary color, has no trouble matching pink. With a green tie and a pink shirt, this is a great way to stand out from the crowd!

Does a tie go well with a checked shirt?

Is pairing a tie with a plaid shirt a good idea? Many of us ask this question, but the answer is quite simple. All you need is a tie with a larger pattern. A tie with a cross pattern would be perfect.
However, you must be careful not to use the same twill pattern as on your shirt. It’s best to wear a wide-stripe tie with a plaid shirt. On the other hand, patterned ties such as cashmere should be avoided for a plaid shirt. In any case, color rules must be respected.

What about striped shirts?

Dark shades are quite common, and will go perfectly well with a striped shirt. Whether the colors are complementary, contrasting or similar, don’t forget to vary the size of the pattern. Once this principle is respected, wearing dark colors won’t change a thing. A large-patterned tie will go well with a shirt featuring fine stripes. The reverse is also true.
It’s also possible to wear stripes with other stripes. The striped shirt is therefore a garment that allows you to combine different patterns and colors.

What tie to wear with a white shirt?

No matter what the pattern or color of the tie, it will always be able to enhance a white shirt, but white or similar shades should be avoided.

Which tie color for which shirt?

There are two possibilities, the first of which is a tie that contrasts with the shirt. The second is a tie color that blends in with the shirt. Black is both sober and chic. A black tie will therefore generally go well with a white shirt. On the other hand, a white tie is reserved for grand ceremonies.

A pink tie can be matched with a sky-blue or white shirt. An orange tie is excellent with a charcoal gray shirt or tailored suit. Finally, a green tie goes well with a red, black or green shirt.