White seersucker suit

A summer wedding

A white seersucker suit can be an elegant and refreshing option for a wedding or summer occasion. Seersucker is a lightweight, breathable fabric, ideal for hot climates as it allows good air circulation and offers increased comfort.

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To sum up,

By choosing a white seersucker suit, you’ll create an elegant, casual summer look, perfect for warm-weather outdoor weddings. Seersucker will add a touch of cool and style to your outfit, allowing you to make the most of your special day.

The groom can also wear white, allowing you to wear a color that symbolizes purity and simplicity.


Parts details

The jacket

We designed the jacket for this bespoke suit to be as light as possible. That’s why we opted for a two-button jacket, well-balanced lapels and flap pockets that add extra detail and dress up the jacket. The shoulders are also soft to increase your freedom of movement.

The pants

These too are made from the same fabric as the jacket. They have a natural waistband and s side adjusters that let you set them to your liking, giving them a perfect fit and added style. The drop at the ankle enhances your silhouette and highlights the pair of shoes you’ll be wearing.

The fabric

For a beautiful, high-quality seersucker fabric, we suggest a 240g, 100% cotton Solbiati fabric. Breathable, lightweight and casual.

Why this suit ?

Opting for a seersucker suit instead of a traditional wool or cotton one can add a touch of originality and personality to your wedding attire. It allows you to stand out from the crowd and create a unique, memorable look.

Most outfits are built around a white shirt and darker colors on top, with this suit you need to do the opposite. Choose a nice denim-effect shirt to contrast with the tailored suit.

Although seersucker is often associated with casual events, it can easily be adapted for more formal weddings. You can choose a three-piece suit or add elegant accessories for a more sophisticated look.

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