Discover our made-to-measure suit boutique in Bordeaux to create your own custom-made outfits, for a wedding or simply to look elegant every day.

Located in the historic heart of Bordeaux, on the corner of rue Huguerie and rue du Palais Gallien, we invite you to discover this bespoke costume boutique with a unique ambience.

Passionate about sartorial art, the team will advise and guide you throughout the experience. They’ll do everything in their power to create the made-to-measure suit that’s just right for you, according to your specifications, tastes and morphology.

Blandin & Delloye Bordeaux was founded by Ammata. A native of Bordeaux, Ammata opened the boutique in 2016, becoming a partner in the brand.

Whether for work, marriage or pleasure, Ammata’s proselytizing will convince you to wear nothing but suits from now on.

He has a particularly developed taste for men’s fashion, and above all for elegance and beautiful clothing.

When Ammata isn’t in the showroom, he’s probably taking long walks on the beach.

Arrêtez votre montre le temps d'un instant et plongez dans l'univers Blandin & Delloye...

Dès les premiers pas dans le showroom de Bordeaux, vous avez l’impression de remonter le temps. Vous êtes immergés dans un univers « club », gentleman et cosy, qui rappelle l’ambiance et le service d’autrefois.

Le rendez-vous débute par un échange autour d’un café, d’un thé ou d’un verre de whisky, dans la partie salon.

Our team


Who are you?
Edwin Uzan, partner at the Bordeaux boutique!


Your ideal suit?
Beige suit, wool linen silk, Mare binding from Loro Piana, high-waisted pants, jacket with patch pockets.


Your favorite color?
Blue and all shades of beige/camel/brown.


Your weekend look?
Blue wool linen silk jacket, light blue striped shirt, white chino, white sneakers.


An IG account that inspires you?


Who are you?
Phimphrachanh Ammata, associate of the Bordeaux boutique!


Your ideal suit?
Without hesitation, my 3-piece striped suit in Echo de Dormeuil fabric.


Your favorite color?
All shades of blue!


Your weekend look?
Again and again, a suit.


An IG account that inspires you?

"High-quality clothing and footwear"

Excellent welcome and support from Ammata for the creation of my wedding suit. I'd like to thank her warmly for her time and sympathy. Excellent quality clothes and shoes, very good value for money for made-to-measure.
Je ne peux que vous recommander de faire appel à Blandin & Delloye si vous souhaitez un costume personnalisé de qualité !
Vivian Stefaniak

"The result was beyond my expectations"

Blandin et Delloye had been recommended to me by members of my family, for the quality of their creations and the good value for money, which proved to be very true! But it's also Ammata's advice and availability that I'll remember: our conversations during the various appointments reassured me and helped me personalize my suit to my taste, and the result was beyond my expectations!
I can't recommend Ammata enough, whether it's for a suit or a simple shirt, both of which are of superb quality!
Pierre-Marie Dalbies

"I strongly recommend that you visit"

A very friendly boutique, the decoration and layout project you straight into a timeless universe where attentiveness and professionalism are omnipresent.
I arrived for a fitting and immediately felt like a privileged customer, which is very pleasant.
I'd like to thank the team for taking such good care of us, and I'd strongly advise you to go there for a pleasant, simple and very efficient moment.
Many thanks to the Blandin & Delloye Bordeaux team!
Yan Tournier