Discover our Ottawa made-to-measure suit boutique to create your own custom-made outfits, for a wedding or simply to look elegant every day.

Elevate your style for business and special occasions in downtown Ottawa! Our showroom, located just two minutes from Parliament Hill, is your haven for custom suiting. Explore all the options for your tailored suit for lifestyle, business, or an unforgettable wedding. Come and meet us and let us create the perfect suit that reflects your unique personality and sets you apart on any occasion!
As you enter the Ottawa showroom, you’ll be greeted by Steve, who we’ll introduce to you in a few lines!

Steve is passionate about the finer things in life, like cigars, elegant watches and, of course, good food. He’s also a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to business development and growth. While he enjoys these passions, his true fulfillment comes from helping others. He is committed to making a positive impact on the people around him. He thrives on the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.
When Steve isn’t enjoying a fine cigar, admiring his watch collection or exploring culinary delights, you can often find him with friends and family, spending quality time together and creating precious memories!

Our decision to establish a showroom in Ottawa was motivated by the city's unique sartorial flair and thriving wedding industry. Ottawa, as a center of government activity and a professional workforce, has a keen eye for sartorial fashion. In addition, the city with multiple vibrant wedding scenes demanded a destination where style met tradition and sophistication. At the Blandin & Delloye showroom at 251 Laurier Avenue West, we're proud to offer custom-made pieces that reflect Ottawa's unique blend of professionalism and romance.

Our team


Who are you?
Steve Perigny, custom advisor at the Ottawa Canada boutique!


What's your ideal suit?
I'd say a beige 3-piece suit on a Loro Piana fabric, a 240g blend of silk, linen and virgin wool!


Your weekend look?
Very simple, jeans and a shirt!


Your favorite color?
My favorite color is blue!


@An IG account that inspires you?

"I loved my experience"

I had a suit made to measure. Excellent service, quality product, customer-oriented staff. I loved my experience!
Jean-Joseph.W Bambara

"Highly recommend"

Very good service, I love my suit! Highly recommend.
Alexandre Pitre

"Mon costume est tout ce que je voulais, il est magnifique"

Working with Steve was a real pleasure! He went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted and guided me when I didn't know where to go. We made a fantastic suit for my wedding and I couldn't be happier!
Gabe Sapienza