To round off your outfit

To make a suit stand out, it’s important to choose your shoes carefully. In addition to a made-to-measure suit, it’s important to choose quality shoes that not only look good, but also match the style of the outfit you’re wearing.

Oxford for classic men’s suits

Initially, Oxfords shoes were considered more noble and formal. They’re the model to go for with a suit.
These shoes are both trendy and elegant. They are characterized by clean lines. The Oxford is distinguished by the absence of flaps. The upper is just split with closed lacing.

It opens out to make the shoe easier to put on. When the shoe is laced, it becomes more streamlined as it approaches the foot. The Oxford can also be recognized by its similar or Blake assembly. This means it has no welted seams. A single cut of leather is all that’s needed to design the shoe.
This type of shoe has an elongated shape. Other models are perforated and feature a fairly thick sole. Oxfords shoes are also available as derby shoes.

Daring derbies for your wedding suit

Who said derbies were only for women? In fact, the derby also exists in a men’s version. In fact, this shoe goes very well with smart suits. Derbies were the first competitors to the Richelieu.
Despite their rather coarse lacing, they are nonetheless elegant. They consist of two inserts and close with laces. This has the merit of widening the line of the shoe. These shoes have a slightly country style, but are still pretty and modern. The derby is a shoe that combines style with comfort. They can be worn with a luxury tailored suit or with smooth leather or velvet garments for a casual yet stylish look.

The double-monks: trendy Italian shoes

These are still the shoes that go best with a tailored suit. Admittedly, they fell by the wayside in the 2000s.
Today, however, they’re making a comeback and can be worn in any season. When it comes to men’s shoes, double-monk are a must. The traditional lacing is replaced by a flap that closes with several metal buckles, which is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. In short, this is the shoe that every man must have.

Sober models are very popular with young people, who feel that the double buckle is more in keeping with an old-fashioned style. For a more refined look, shoes with classic buckles have a straight toe and are blake-fitted. In short, the elegance of this shoe makes it unique. It lends itself easily to formal wear.
To add a touch of originality to your outfit, simply wear the classic models, which go perfectly well with a casual look. The success of double-monks is unprecedented. However, designers are keen to bring the style up to date. Some have had fun rethinking the color, style and sole, among other things.

These are shoes that every man must own. There’s no better accompaniment to a tailored suit for a chic evening out. Even though shoe models are increasingly numerous and varied, they remain a timeless part of men’s fashion. They are particularly popular with elegant men, who see in them comfort, simplicity and class. Moccasins are shoes without laces, but can be fitted with a heel.

They also feature a leather sole. Other models feature gum soles. Some models on the market feature a “tubular” construction. In this model, the leather wraps around the foot. The piece of leather used to design the sole runs up the sides of the shoe. The moccasin stands out with its attractive stitching.


The chelsea boot

This is a refined, slim shoe that goes perfectly with a suit. It features a unique, large leather front yoke. It can be recognized by the elastic band on the side of the ankle. This shoe is a must-have for those who love the cowboy and equestrian spirit. It will look great with a suit that slightly shapes the figure. It’s often designed in a pretty, smooth brown leather. The model remains relatively classic.
However, it has been revisited with a honeycombed elastic band. To transform it, designers have not hesitated to add a colored band.

All these shoe models are of course available in your Blandin & Delloye showroom.