About Blandin & Delloye

Our approach since 2013

Since the company was founded in 2013, Blandin & Delloye's approach has been simple: to return to the basic principles of the traditional tailor, while adapting them to current trends. A warm welcome, personal contact, time devoted to the customer and technical knowledge of the trade are all elements that we wanted to put at the heart of our concept.

Beyond the creation of impeccable silhouettes, we define a true experience. We also aim to offer a boutique experience that is conscious of and consistent with our commitment to the environmental and social issues inherent in our business.

The Blandin & Delloye experience

About Blandin & Delloye

Stop your watch for a moment, and let yourself be carried away by the Blandin & Delloye world. Immerse yourself in a gentlemanly, cosy “club” atmosphere that evokes the ambiance and service of yesteryear: each person is received individually for 1h30 to 2 hours in a private lounge. There’s a real exchange between the advisor and the customer. This time is necessary for us to properly measure, alter and understand the customer’s needs. This time also allows the customer to fully personalize his or her made-to-measure creation.

Affordable quality

From made-to-measure suits to made-to-measure shirts and made-to-measure coats, Blandin & Delloye offers top-of-the-range products. They combine the historic expertise of great tailors with the efficiency of new technologies. Although about Blandin & Delloye ‘s positioning is resolutely focused on the quality of our products and service, we want to remain accessible to as many people as possible, with a fair and appropriate pricing policy.
Blandin & Delloye aims to become “the beautiful address” for the chic, elegant man, the one you can’t part with once you’ve found it.

By appointment

The house operates on an appointment basis to guarantee a perfect customer experience.
There are 3 types of appointment:

Discovery appointment
A 30-minute appointment during which we discuss our made-to-measure approach and the customer’s project.
Between 1 and 2 hours. Choice of fabric(s) and numerous customizations, taking of body measurements, analysis of morphology and posture, and fitting of templates (to identify the desired cut and any morphological alterations).
15 to 30 minutes Once the garment has been made up, a fitting appointment is scheduled. This allows us to check that everything fits perfectly, both aesthetically and comfortably. If necessary, additional alterations are made within 7 days.

Blandin Delloye is able to offer complete silhouettes with a full range of accessories, emphasizing quality craftsmanship and individual service.

The total look