Wedding accessories

Our accessories for weddings and ceremonies

Blandin & Delloye has worked up an extensive collection of accessories to complete your wedding outfit, including bow ties, ties, socks, top-quality suspenders and suit pockets.


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Major accessory categories

We have developed a complete range of accessories to complement our bridal wear. With the same commitment to quality as the rest of our products, we have selected top-of-the-range materials and collaborated with renowned partners to create exceptional pieces. These accessories often add a touch of originality, reflecting specific themes or states of mind. Their importance in enhancing the bride and groom cannot be underestimated.

A few tips

To help you choose the right accessories, here are a few tips from Blandin & Delloye:

  1. Choose your accessories before designing your shirt. Whether you choose to wear a tie or bow tie, cufflinks or not, will influence the selection of details for your wedding shirt.
  2. If you opt for a clutch, choose a pattern or color that complements your tie or bow tie, but is not necessarily identical.
  3. Think about the color palette present at the wedding. Sometimes, it’s the accessories that can highlight a symbolic wedding color, in keeping with the color choices of the bridesmaids’ or groomsmen’s accessories.
  4. Choose an accessory that reflects your personality! For more classic wedding outfits, the choice of accessories offers the groom-to-be the opportunity to express his personality, whether he opts for a sartorial, festive, bright or even slightly offbeat style.


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Wedding accessories

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