Made-to-measure overcoats

Made-to-measure overcoats for business and everyday wear

Inspired by the new habits of modern gentlemen, our collection of made-to-measure coats is designed to offer you elegant, comfortable outerwear for cold winters!

Discover a whole range of made-to-measure coats to complement your professional outfits or to protect you from the cold with elegance in a more casual context.

Timeless made-to-measure overcoats

Over the years, our workshop has forged partnerships with the finest clothiers, fusing technicality and creativity in our made-to-measure coats. Our focus on comfort, durability and social responsibility harmonizes perfectly with the contemporary needs of our customers. We use the most innovative materials to create overcoats of exceptional quality. Our workshop is a pioneer in the creation of made-to-measure outerwear models, with a wide variety of models and customization options.


Our classic overcoats

We’ve designed a line of classic overcoats with the most popular coat shapes, and also the most suitable for wearing with a suit. Our made-to-measure coats can be worked both straight (three-button) and double-breasted.

Among the made-to-measure models we offer to be worn over a suit are straight coats, polocoats, raincoats, carcoats, trenchcoats and parkas.

Depending on the use and your needs, we can adapt the fabric, whether it’s heavy to protect you from the cold or light and technical for wind and rain. We can also choose options like quilted linings or detachable gussets for greater adaptability to the cold.

In terms of features, the shape of the pockets, the type of throat (hidden or visible buttons), the collar (notch or sharp), the width of the lapel and the color details can all be adapted to suit individual tastes.

Our casual overcoats

We’ve also developed a whole line of overcoats designed to be worn without a suit, directly over a sweater or shirt.

Among the pieces on offer you’ll find our line of made-to-measure jackets and made-to-measure pea coats, as well as our Safari Jacket and Field jacket in overcoat fabric, and our entire line of quilted overcoats.


Our iconic models

Among our wide range of made-to-measure overcoats, find below some of our iconic designs.

Our classics

Quilted overcoats

Other iconic models

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