Custom-made suits for women

Custom-made suits for women

After three years dedicated to optimising patterns for custom-made suits for women, Blandin & Delloye is proud to announce the official launch of its women's line in early 2024. This collection embodies our commitment, with a variety of pants designed with low, natural and mid-rise waistbands, complemented by loose cuts for a diversity of styles.

Jackets are no exception, offering length options whether worn short or long. Thanks to our meticulous attention to measurement and fit integration, we're proud to offer tailor-made suits of excellence, specially designed for women, combining quality and impeccable fit.

Come and discover our in-store offer

We invite you to discover our range of custom-made suits for women in store from January 2024. You can view our range of suit fabrics while enjoying a coffee, tea or glass of whisky. Choose from over 700 stock items and 7,000 cut fabrics. Each of our fabrics is carefully selected from the finest Italian and English drapers. Customize every detail of your jackets and pants, from the collar to the pocket shapes and the choice of inner linings, to create a piece that perfectly suits you.

A classic line

Discover our business line designed for active women looking for classic, timeless pieces.

These suits adapt to the cut of your choice while offering the comfort needed for demanding workdays. The fabrics selected, mostly smooth and classic, are predominantly in dark shades such as dark gray and navy blue. However, depending on your sector of activity, a palette of lighter fabrics is also available for brighter, more dynamic outfits.

Suits in our classic line are most likely to be matching (same fabric used for jacket and pants).

A casual / lifestyle line

In the women’s sartorial world, tailored pieces such as casual jackets and pants are very popular.

They offer exceptional versatility, combining harmoniously with various complementary styles in your wardrobe. Classic sartorial pieces integrate with greater flexibility into the feminine wardrobe.

The world of colors and textures opens up to a multitude of possibilities, from tailored tweed jackets to high-waisted flannel pants and women’s wick blazers. Outfits can be coordinated or mismatched, offering limitless creativity.

Exceptional fabrics for women's wear

In the world of made-to-measure suits for women, the textures of the fabrics of the great drapers come into their own, particularly in our casual jackets and pants. They are perfectly suited to customization, offering an infinite variety of uses by associating them with different complementary pieces in your wardrobe. Women’s tailoring, in particular, allows us to explore a wide range of colors, opening the doors to limitless creativity. Classic pieces blend seamlessly into a woman’s wardrobe, whether it’s a tailored casual jacket, pants with side adjusters and pleats, or a textured cardigan. The possibilities are vast, whether you choose to harmonize your outfits or play with contrasts.

photo credits – Standeven

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