Blandin Delloye's know how

Recognized expertise since 2013

Since 2013, Blandin Delloye's know-how in made-to-measure clothing has been built around advanced mastery of pattern-making. This unique expertise extends from the precise gathering of information in the boutique to the successful realization of patterns in the workshop. We are proud to share this know-how with our tailoring and raw materials partners (notably the great drapers), creating bespoke outfits of exceptional quality and incomparable harmony.

Blandin Delloye’s mastery of production methods for the different pieces that make up a formal wardrobe is expressed through every stage of confection, and every type of assembly, from iron-on to full interlining, creating tailor-made pieces of unrivalled quality. The expertise of our workshops, which produce our shoes and other accessories, ensures that our know-how doesn’t stop at suits and shirts.

We rigorously select raw materials of the highest quality, guaranteeing long-lasting, refined products. With our expertise in pattern-making and our commitment to providing you with quality styling advice, we create demanding pieces that combine elegance and comfort.

Jacket construction

The made to measure

Made-to-measure pattern-making is a key element in the success of a custom-made piece. As part of the Blandin & Delloye academy, all Blandin & Delloye advisors are trained on arrival and throughout the year to be the best and most accurate in gathering information for optimal pattern-making.

From a practical point of view, the Blandin & Delloye consultant takes body measurements with a tape measure. Then the customer tries on templates. The aim of this stage, which is fundamental to the measuring process, is to precisely define the desired cut and identify the customer’s posture and morphology (position of shoulders, pelvis, stance, protruding shoulder blades, bowed legs…).

The world's best drapers

Blandin Delloye’s expertise is also based on its choice to work with the finest drapers in Italy (Biella region) and England (Huddersfield). The fabrics we use are selected according to the quality of their raw materials (wool, mohair, silk, cashmere, cotton, linen… and their weave).

From thousands of references, we select between 500 and 700 that we stock in our workshop. At the same time, we offer over 6,000 fabric references for cutting.

The main drapers we work with are : Vitale Barberis Canonico, Dormeuil, Holland & Sherry, Dugdale, Reda, Loro Piana, Tolegno, Huddersfield, Marzotto ….


Photo credit – Vitale Barberis Canonico

Know-how for accessories - Ties

Our tie collection is mainly made in a family-run Italian workshop in Calabria. Their obession is product quality and the beauty of craftsmanship. The Atelier uses the finest natural fibers such as merino wool, cashmere or Italian silk. Ties are handmade with meticulous attention to every detail.

Know-how for accessories - Shoes

We create customized shoes in our partner workshop in the Almansa region of Spain. We offer a complete range of top-quality shoes using exceptional leathers. 120 production steps are required to make a made-to-order shoe, involving the work of 45 people.

Know-how for accessories - Suspenders

Thanks to our partner workshop in Italy, every pair of suspenders we create is the fruit of expertise acquired since the workshop was founded 30 years ago. Every detail, from material selection to leather finishing, embodies our commitment to quality and comfort.