Custom-made wedding shirts

Made-to-measure shirts for weddings and ceremonies

Explore our selection of made-to-measure shirts specially designed to enhance your wedding and ceremony moments. Working closely with renowned drapers like Albini and Thomas Masson, we've carefully curated a range of shirts tailored to the world of weddings. Each shirt is made to measure, with pattern-making taking into account the measurements, posture and cut desired for each customer.



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Custom-made wedding shirts

When choosing your shirt collar for the big day, consider the accessories you’ll be wearing. This is an important element in determining the ideal shape. When it comes to color, classic white is the option that will set off the groom’s outfit the most. Off-white is also an option for brides-to-be who wish to limit the contrast with the color of the bride’s dress.

A few tips for your shirt

White, a safe choice

Whether the wedding is classic or less conventional, white (or off-white) is the preferred choice. For the groom, the shirt plays a crucial role in enhancing the outfit. For brides and grooms looking for more color, it’s best to opt for colorful accessories or play with the hue of the suit itself!

A spare shirt

We advise brides and grooms to bring a second shirt for their wedding. In the event of wine stains or heatstroke, having the option of switching to an immaculate shirt will be much appreciated.

Think about accessories before designing your shirt

It’s important to consider the accessories you’ll be wearing, as they could influence the choice of certain details on your shirt. For example, if you plan to wear a bow tie, cravat or lavaliere, the collar will need to be adapted. Similarly, if you plan to wear cufflinks, the cuffs will need to be adapted, or if you plan to use studs for a tuxedo shirt, the throat will need to be different.



Custom-made wedding shirts

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