Product quality

At Blandin & Delloye, excellence is the result of a meticulous synergy of several key stages.

First, the choice of raw materials and the artisanal expertise of the workshops that work them to obtain precise finishes and the desired textures.

Then the work of our workshops, which bring each piece to life by assembling it using time-honoured know-how.

And finally, the work of our measurement advisors, who take the necessary information from the boutique and provide technical advice to obtain the product that will meet our customers' expectations and be perfectly adapted to their measurements and morphology.

Blandin & Delloye, a perfect alchemy of raw materials, craftsmanship, renowned workshops, and personalised advice. For exceptional pieces of timeless elegance.

The greatest drapers

Our quest for excellence is based in part on our choice to work with the finest Italian and English drapers. This choice ensures unrivalled fabric quality, with carefully selected natural fibers: wool from the most prestigious sheep farms, extra-long fibers for optimum quality, and exceptionally pure water, essential for cleaning and dyeing the fabrics. Combined with our historical heritage and cutting-edge industrial techniques, each weave is a precious work of art, a symbol of our commitment to excellence. Here are some of the drapers you’ll find in our stores

English drapers

Italian drapers

Shirt fabrics

Our workshops

In the value chain of our products, the quality of the workshops that make our different pieces (suits, overcoats, pants, shirts, etc.) is key to obtaining an exceptional product.

Our main workshop is located in Romania, and over the past 40 years has become one of Europe’s benchmarks in high-end suit making. Its founder, a Frenchman with a passion for industrial excellence, runs his workshop with the best experts in the world, Italian, French and English. Each person, with his or her own speciality, contributes his or her precise knowledge of shoulder work, piece assembly, pattern-making and sourcing the best materials for the “cartouche” (secondary components of the suit, such as tailoring cloth, shoulder cigarettes, etc.).

Quality of our pattern

The quality of our pattern-making is based on two key elements. Firstly, our tool takes into account postures such as shoulder heights and curves with great precision, ensuring impeccable draping. This technical pattern-making, acquired and developed by our partner workshop over the last 30 years, is now recognized as one of the best in Europe.

Next, our intensively-trained measurement advisors translate measurements into aesthetic, comfortable patterns that meet customer expectations. Their intensive initial training is supplemented by ongoing training each year to ensure a constant quest for excellence. In this way, our pattern-making combines precision and expertise for made-to-measure garments that fit perfectly.

Quality of our customized shoes

The excellence of our customized shoes stems from a refinement based on three essential pillars. First, the meticulous choice of leathers from the finest Italian and Spanish tanneries. These carefully selected full-grain leathers offer unrivalled quality, a solid foundation for every creation.

Our Spanish workshop, a symbol of savoir-faire in the field of high-end footwear, masters to perfection high-end assembly techniques, and our finishes reflect our quest for excellence. We work exclusively with Goodyear stitching, a guarantee of durability and sturdiness. The systematic addition of an arch support and the possibility of opting for luxurious finishes, such as the violin finish, are further guarantees of quality.