A timelessly stylish suit

For major events, as well as for professional wear, men’s suits are a must-have in any wardrobe. Of course, the solid colors of these garments have always proved their worth, but monotony is boring. Why not incorporate a new style into your look? Gentlemen, have you ever realized the existence of striped suits? Contrary to what some people think, these 80s outfits are still in fashion.


The history of striped suit patterns

The history of our famous stripe patterns goes back many centuries. Around the 19th century, striped suits were worn by British bankers. At the time, these outfits were chosen more for their practicality than for any other reason. Indeed, wearing these suits was a good way of identifying bank employees.

Some time later, these suits crossed the oceans and arrived in America, but this time aimed at a wider target than bankers. In the U.S., stripes were popular with everyone. The fact that they were worn by celebrities such as Winston Churchill further enhanced their reputation.
By the 1980s, they had reappeared and were once again chosen by bankers, especially those on Wall Street.

Why stripes?

Stripes can be found on many different types of fabric and clothing. Worn as a suit, they undoubtedly represent something new and out of the ordinary. Wearing a bespoke suit with stripes means stepping out of your comfort zone and opening yourself up to new styles that may well work for you.
The advantage of stripes is the refinement and elegance they evoke. That’s why the striped suit should be a permanent fixture in your wardrobe.

A wide choice

Striped suits are available in a wide range of styles. They vary according to several aspects, including the spacing of the stripes. These vertical lines are evenly spaced, but the distance between the lines can vary from one suit to another. If you’re looking for a more or less discreet look, opt for sparsely-spaced stripes.
As for colors, they’re more likely to come in dark tones like black, navy blue or dark gray. You’ll need to choose fine stripes, which are generally light in color, such as white.

Create different looks with the stripe suit

A professional look
If you’re an office worker and you’re used to wearing a suit, the stripes model will be a great way to vary your clothing style. The dark color, complemented by a light touch of a tailored business pinstripe suit, is ideal for perfecting your professional look.

A classic look
If you’re a fan of classic styles, you can also make room for a stripe suit in your wardrobe. Compose your outfit by pairing the suit with a tie in a matching color.

An evening look
Evenings are also ideal occasions to wear your striped outfit outside the workplace.
To do so, wear a tie and clutch in a more or less brittle color, such as burgundy, plum or forest green. To take things a step further, you can also choose a tie and pocketkerchief with a printed pattern or discreet horizontal stripes. This will create an elegant contrast with the suit’s pattern.

Casual style
For a slightly casual look, forget the ties and pockets. Wear your suit with a shirt whose top buttons are undone.

A very elegant look
This model is reserved for major events such as weddings. For maximum elegance, opt for a three-piece striped suit comprising pants, jacket and vest. Wear a matching shirt and add a clip-on tie for a more polished look.
With a style like this, forget accessories such as hats, suspenders and pocket watches. These elements will give an impression of overload and totally detract from your chic, elegant look.

A bold look
For casual moments, you can go bold with your striped suit. This time, you can opt for bright, even multicolored stripes. Be careful, though: your carelessness could spoil the desired effect if you make a mistake with the shirt. Choose one with a button and a solid color. For this occasion, you won’t need a tie.