Who hasn’t been inspired by an outfit or look from the movies? Indeed, if the costumes and suits of our favorite actors inspire us so much, it’s because these outfits have been particularly tailored to their image and role. Giving consistency and reality to their characters, the result is that we viewers see them as models so real and perfect that these looks become trends in everyday life.

Let’s face it, even if these suits were specially designed for the films, they were imagined by designers and creators. So, in a way, this is an advertisement and a launch for their creation. However, there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with the latest trends in both film and real life!

Tailor-made suits play an important role in the realization of an actor’s role. Sometimes, the clothing goes beyond the actor and becomes an icon in its own right. For example, what would Indiana Jones be without his A1 jacket, Sherlock Holmes without his walking stick and green beret, Marilyn Monroe without her white dress, or Bruce Lee without his yellow romper.
However, it’s not just the leading actors and heroes of film and TV series who benefit from a mythical outfit or suit. Gangsters, too, have typical outfits to match their characters. In this article, discover the tailor-made suits worn by gangsters in the movies!

Don Vito Corleone and his 30s-40s suit

In the American gangster film The Godfather, the Corleones form the Mafia family headed by Don Vito Corleone, known as the Godfather. Always well-dressed, this character wore an impeccable three-piece suit. Don Vito Corleone’s suit consisted of pants and a black tuxedo jacket with a rose in the buttonhole. It is accessorized with a wide satin tuxedo belt, white bib and black bow tie. Disguises on sale in various markets feature this version of the Don Vito suit, complete with bullet holes and bloodstains, and even a matching wig. This 1930s and ’40s gangster’s suit was created by the designers of The Godfather.

Made-to-measure suits in Goodfellas 1990

Designers were inspired by the cult New York film Goodfellas to create oversized suit jackets with broad shoulders and pointed lapels. As for pants, they were increasingly flared. In the film, the three main actors wear black and beige suits with white shirts, with or without ties. Today, these oversized jackets are very much in vogue, and can be worn for any occasion, whether dressy or casual chic.
De Niro’s suit in Casino 1995

In this 1970s Las Vegas film, famous actor De Niro dons no fewer than 45 suits. Specially designed for him and his character, the suits featured extravagant color palettes and bright patterns. The suits reflected the personality and attitude of the role he was playing.
Typical Mafia-style suits in The Merciless

In the Korean film The Merciless, gangsters wear three-piece suits in dark colors or with fauxunis patterns. In fact, one gangster wears a suit with a discreet houndstooth pattern, while another wears a navy-blue suit with a bold white stripe and a burgundy tie.

Asian suits in Reservoir Dogs

In Tarantino’s film, the gangsters wear suits custom-made by Agnès B. The suits are black and white, with loose-fitting jackets and pants based on Japanese actors’ outfits. They are paired with long black ties.

Boardwalk Empire and classic Mafia style

Boardwalk Empire highlights the elegance of the gangsters’ outfits and the luxury of their daily lives. Patterns are chosen to match the actor’s silhouette. To slim the gangsters’ silhouettes, the tailored suits feature vertical stripes. This is the case for Johnny Torria, who wears vertical stripes that elongate his silhouette, while slimmer actors wear plaid suits.

From these examples of gangster looks, we can see that the Mafia style is characterized by dark suits. In addition to the traditional plain suit, the white-striped suit is also a very chic and distinguished gangster outfit. Colors and patterns are also chosen to match the silhouettes and looks of the gangster-actors.

In a more classic, business-like style, we also featured the suits worn by Harvey Specter in the “Suits” series. Of course, all these suits are available from Blandin & Delloye, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any specific requests!