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Blandin & Delloye stands out for its old-fashioned know-how and its desire to be like traditional tailors. It offers real quality, demonstrating a deep knowledge of men's suits.

Suits can be assembled in three different ways: fused, semi-traditional and traditional. Everything is mastered to perfection to build the image of a chic gentleman. In two or three pieces, Blandin & Delloye advises and tailors to sublimate a man's silhouette.


Blandin & Delloye - Made-to-measure suits in Paris

Quality at the heart of our approach

Blandin & Delloye offers classic, elegant made-to-measure pieces with a focus on quality. This quality is reflected in the precision of our pattern-making thanks to the ongoing training of our teams in their quest for excellence, but also in the quality of the raw materials we use and the excellence of our production partners with whom we work hand in hand. To find out more about the quality of our made-to-measure suits in Paris, book an appointment in-store or click here.



Discovery Workshop
Duration : 30 min

This 30-minute no-obligation initial contact allows us to get to know you and to introduce you to the many possibilities for personalizing the costume of the happiest day of your life!

The discovery workshop is a personalized and free accompaniment in the definition of your project and the opportunity to discuss your outfit with your other half without revealing anything about the final project, while ensuring that she will be dazzled by your outfit.

For brides and grooms with less than 3 months to go before the wedding date, an express process is available. To find out more, please call our boutique.

Duration : 1H30 to 2H

You’ve had time to mature your project, now it’s time to get started!
During this appointment, you’ll choose your fabric and all the costume customizations.
Our advisor will guide you step by step. We then take your measurements and carry out an in-depth analysis of your morphology and posture, in order to create the pattern for your future garment.

For brides and grooms with less than 3 months to go before the wedding date, an express process is available. For more information, please call our boutique.

Blandin & Delloye – Made-to-measure suits in Paris

Duration : 30 min

On average, 6 weeks after you place your order, it’s time for your fitting: the aim is to check that your outfit fits perfectly in terms of aesthetics and comfort.

Alterations are possible right up to the wedding, should you have a slight variation in weight – and it’s free! (Lead time: 7 to 10 days)

30 min
1H30 to 2H
30 min

Your team in Paris

Blandin & Delloye is a team of enthusiasts. They all have a particularly developed taste for men’s fashion, and above all for elegance and beautiful clothing. They take the time and pleasure to dress and advise these gentlemen for special occasions, for work or simply to have a nice suit in his closet. The men’s range includes suits, shirts, coats, shoes and accessories.

Collar, pocket, lining, buttons… Every part of the suit is taken into account, no matter how meticulous. The groom’s suit is customized for him and by him, from head to toe. Thanks to an attentive and dedicated exchange with the customer, the company takes into account all his requests.

They talk about our made-to-measure suits

Think green: Suits that last longer

To extend the life of your suits, you can request replacement of the sleeves, lining or back of the jacket. This is a cost-effective way of making your jacket last as long as possible.

Our made-to-measure expertise gives us great flexibility.


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