3 pieces greige wedding suit

An elegant and timeless suit

The beige suit embodies classic, timeless elegance. Also, its sophisticated neutral hue adds a touch of grace and charm to your wedding look, creating an aesthetic that will remain elegant through the years.

The greige suit (a blend of gray and beige) offers an elegant, sophisticated aesthetic that stands out while remaining subtle and discreet. Finally, it's best suited to country or bohemian-chic weddings.

Photographer: @sarahmiramon.photographe

To sum up,

Choosing a 3 pieces greige suit for your wedding is an elegant and versatile choice, thanks to its traditional color. First of all, it’s an option that allows you to stand out while remaining sophisticated and suitable for different wedding styles. Whether you’re looking for a summery aesthetic, a touch of modernity or a different color palette, this choice can be an excellent decision for your big day.

Parts details

The jacket

Made with a Parisian notch lapel, soft Neapolitan shoulders and patch pockets. Two brown buttons on the front contrast elegantly with the greige color. The cut is fitted at the waist without restricting movement.


This completes the outfit and adds a dressier dimension. The vest is generally worn with a slim fit to enhance the silhouette. This grey vest closes high, so it has five buttons. It’s a must-have for a more elegant look, as it allows you to remove the jacket in hot weather, while remaining chic. It also hides the shirt’s natural creases, so you’ll look impeccable all day long.


Also made from the same fabric as the rest of the ensemble, with a slim fit for an elegant, modern look. The pants have side adjusters, so you can adjust them to your liking without wearing a belt. The length of the pants is tailored for an elegant finish, with the option of adjusting them to your size and preference. Here, they break slightly over shoes in the same shade, without revealing your socks.

Together, these three bespoke pieces create a complete, sophisticated outfit for your wedding.

Why the color greige ?

The right mix

Greige is a beautiful color, right on trend. If you want to move away from traditional colors like black, blue or gray, but aren’t comfortable with brighter colors, this color is a good option. It adds personality and creativity to your outfit while remaining classic and elegant. It’s an ideal choice for brides and grooms who want to bring a modern touch to their look.

We’d also add that grège is a versatile color that blends well with different shades and tones. You can combine it with shirts and ties in brighter hues to create interesting contrasts, or opt for neutral colors for a more classic look. This versatility allows you to personalize your outfit to suit your style and preferences.

Gray often evokes a relaxed, summery mood. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, on the beach or in a garden, this color blends perfectly with the natural surroundings and creates a light, romantic atmosphere.

Plus: these are pieces that are easy to wear on a daily basis after your wedding.

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Photographer : @sarahmiramon.photographe

Wedding planner Designer : @by.leab

Suit : @blandindelloye

Place : @chateaugassies

Scenography : @les_vintage.ologistes

Dress : @elisemartimort

Flowers : @atelier_septembre

Hairstyling and Makeup : @gangdenanas

Jewelry : @57facettes_officiel

Wedding Cake : @supa_dupa_mama

Guest presents : @pia_ecodesign

Models : @cacnv @antoine.slf

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