3-pieces plum wedding suit

An elegant and refined color

The plum 3-pieces wedding suit is a beautiful alternative to the dark blue suit. It's a lovely color for this kind of event.

Create an atmosphere with plum hues and offer your guests an accessory in the same color to harmonize the ensemble and create beautiful memories between you.

Photographer: @loeildenoemie

To sum up,

This suit is the ideal choice for a beautiful wedding full of love and happiness. Choose our made-to-measure plum-colored suit, with a snug, comfortable fit.

This suit is made from Huddersfield fabric in Fresco 100% wool, weighing 280g and offering a lovely fall while being light and breathable.


Parts details

The jacket

For the bespoke suit, we wanted the jacket to have an elegant lapel, neither too wide nor too thin, which balances the already dark color of the suit.

The vest

A key piece, the waistcoat completes the outfit and makes it more dressy and formal, a symbol of elegance.


Slim-fitting and modern. Detailed side adjusters let you set them to fit perfectly without having to wear belts or suspenders, which are not appropriate for a 3-piece suit.

The fabric

This is a fabric from our English draper Huddersfield, with a weight of 280g and a composition of 100% wool. A quality, comfortable fabric that adapts to all seasons.

Why this color ?

The color plum is created by combining shades of red and blue, making it balanced and harmonious. It therefore often represents a balance between opposing forces. Because of its associations with red, plum can also symbolize love, passion and romance. A powerful message to celebrate your union.


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Photographer : @loeildenoémie

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