Three-piece Beige wedding suit

Timeless charm

The beige suit, a timeless and elegant choice for a groom's suit. This suit embodies both sophistication and simplicity, creating the perfect harmony for a memorable wedding.

The choice of beige offers a neutral and versatile backdrop, allowing the groom to adapt to a variety of wedding themes and moods. Whether it's a seaside wedding, a country setting or a more traditional venue, this suit adapts gracefully with its natural aesthetic.


Photographer: @emma_vinuesa_photographe

To sum up,

Choose our bespoke beige suit, a versatile color that’s equally at home in formalwear or everyday wear. Beige goes with all skin tones and will brighten up your face and accessories.

Parts details

The jacket

The jacket, with its slim fit, offers a sophisticated look while providing optimum comfort thanks to its lightweight, breathable fabric. It’s beige in color, offering a light, airy hue to match the coastal environment or nature. The selected fabric is light and breathable to keep you cool under the sun. Details may include a two-button closure, classic lapels, flap pockets and matching buttons.

The vest

This adds an extra touch of refinement to the ensemble, further accentuating the groom’s stature. It adds an extra dimension to your outfit and can be removed if you prefer a more casual look.

The pants

Also in beige, these match the rest of the ensemble. They are generally classic in style, with a slightly tailored cut. The fabric is light and comfortable, allowing good air circulation and ease of movement.

The fabric

This is a Tonik Wool fabric from Dormeuil. Its 100% wool composition is breathable and suitable for all seasons, including summer.

Why this color ?

Beige is often seen as a sober, elegant and timeless color that enhances natural beauty and simplicity… By opting for this hue, the groom can symbolize a minimalist, sophisticated approach to his appearance.

In harmony with the natural colors of the white sand and grasses that line the sand dunes, you’ll be at one with the natural world around you. It’s an ideal color for an outdoor wedding by the sea, but also for country or bohemian themes.

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Wedding planner : @lamandeco_wedding_planner
Reception areas : @slow_village_biscarrosse_lac
Photographer : @emma_vinuesa_photographe
Videomaker : @helene_vinuesa_videography
Florist : @oxygene.fleurs
Ceremony officiant : @lesalliancesdubonheur_40
Dress : @madame_a_dit_oui
Suit : @blandindelloye
Make-up and hairstyling : @emilieleroy_muah
Alliances : @letabli_bisca
Stationery : @lclv_concept
Guest gifts : @lesruchersduborn et @acandela_corsica
Models : Camille & Jonathan


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