Blue quilted field jacket

An urban and trendy jacket

Discover our made-to-measure Blue quilted field jacket, a trendy piece of your wardrobe for the cool period. In this flannel, you will find comfort and elegance for your outfits.

Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

To sum up,

The field jacket is a military garment of the US ARMY which has been produced in several versions, the M-65 dating from 1965 being the most iconic. This jacket can be worn in a winter version with warm wool or corduroy but also as rain gear with water-repellent cotton.

The fabric

The draper

The Italian draper Vitale Barberis Canonico enjoys worldwide fame. For over 350 years, this family weaving house has been creating superior quality fabrics. The latter are distinguished by their finesse, their softness but also their durability. Whether for making elegant suits or haute couture pieces, Vitale Barberis Canonico fabrics combine artisanal tradition and innovation to offer timeless and unique creations.

The composition

This jacket is made from fully quilted flannel. This heavy 340 gram flannel is an exceptional fabric as it combines comfort and elegance. Speaking of which, with its substantial weight, this flannel offers unparalleled warmth and softness, perfect for cooler seasons. Whether for a formal or casual occasion, this heavyweight flannel is the perfect choice for sophisticated style and optimal comfort.

The color

The navy blue color is a versatile and timeless color that suits many occasions. In other words, blue is considered a safe and elegant choice, suitable for professional environments, formal events but also more casual occasions. This color is also known for its ability to highlight different shades of skin and hair, making it a flattering option for many men.

The options

The form

In addition to being made of flannel, and therefore maintaining warmth, this jacket has a quilted microfiber lining. The latter adds a thin layer of fabric allowing you to be even more comfortable during the cool period.


This jacket has 2 blown patch pockets with flaps. Patch pockets with flaps provide practical functionality. The flaps can be raised to protect the contents of the pockets from bad weather or unwanted objects. They can also be lowered to create a more casual appearance.

Some details

The options to highlight on this overcoat are the throat hiding the snap buttons, the interior with contrasting blue piping as well as the closure with a waterproof Navy zip. The throat hiding the snap buttons adds a more aesthetic and delicate appearance to the jacket. Finally, the waterproof zip closure offers a quality, water-resistant garment.


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Discover the blue field jacket in all its aspects.

Whether for a walk in the city or everyday life, the field jacket offers a fresh and elegant look combining comfort and warmth.


Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

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