Blue velvet wedding tuxedo

A luxurious and elegant wedding

We've already introduced you to the black tuxedo. Timeless and elegant. But there's another equally elegant option: The blue velvet wedding tuxedo.

If you like bold, beautiful pieces, this is THE choice for you.

In bright shades (orange, burgundy) or more classic (navy blue, black), discover our velvet tuxedo.

You'll look impeccable and memorable for that special occasion.




To sum up,

This kind of tuxedo is a bold and elegant choice for a wedding. It adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your appearance, making you shine even brighter on your wedding day.

Parts details

The jacket

The jacket is made from high-quality velvet fabric, and features wide black satin lapels that add relief to the outfit. The lapels can be pointed or shawled, depending on your taste. It generally has a slim fit that follows the silhouette of the body. Pockets are discreetly integrated into the seam, adding a touch of functionality without compromising formal aesthetics.


These feature a slim fit that enhances the silhouette while offering optimum comfort. Pants are generally tailored, with a regular waistband. They are often mismatched in black if your satin jacket is colored, with a gimp on the side.


For a velvet tuxedo, choose black tie. 380g velvet fabrics in a range of colors. The choice is yours !

Why this fabric ?

This fabric is available in a variety of colors, but for a wedding, classic shades like black, navy or burgundy are often preferred. Choose a color that matches your wedding theme and personal preferences.

Velvet is a thick fabric, so it’s particularly suitable for evening wear. For a wedding with a vintage, authentic feel, it’s a perfect match and will dazzle your guests.

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Wedding photoshoot : @_dall’k_


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