Camel 3-pieces suit, double-breasted jacket

A distinguished and elegant suit

Weddings are the perfect occasion for the groom to show off his style and sophistication. For an elegant or country ceremony, our camel made-to-measure wedding suit is the perfect option. This suit consists of 3 pieces: a double-breasted jacket, matching vest and pants.

Photographer: @klemphotographie

To sum up,

Our made-to-measure wedding Camel 3-pieces suit is the ideal option for an elegant or formal wedding. The double-breasted jacket, vest and matching pants create an elegant layering effect for an impeccable look. Combined with a chic, refined ambience, this suit will be the perfect choice for an unforgettable wedding.

For this suit, we’ve chosen to use a 280g 100% wool fabric. It comes from our Fresco bundle, sourced from the famous English draper Huddersfield. It’s a guarantee of quality for this beautiful camel suit.



The pieces

The double-breasted jacket

An elegant choice that will make your outfit unique. The slim fit enhances the groom’s silhouette, and the camel color adds a touch of sophistication. The dark brown buttons harmonize with the color of the jacket.

Matching vest

This completes the ensemble and creates an elegant layering effect. Made from the same fabric as the jacket, it has a slim fit and will be your best ally if you drop the jacket.


Also fitted, with a modern length to show off the pair of moccasins.

a chic, sophisticated atmosphere

This tailored 3-piece camel suit is the perfect choice for brides and grooms looking for a bold, elegant wedding outfit that’s a far cry from the more classic blue.

With a double-breasted jacket and this golden hue, this suit adds an interesting touch that’s sure to make a lasting impression, including on your partner. With our know-how, our atelier provides meticulous attention to detail and quality construction.

Want to see more ?

Discover the camel suit from every angle. The golden color, symbol of celebration, will be the ideal choice to celebrate your union on this unique day of love.


Art Direction : @lecarnetrepertoiremariage
Photographer : @klemphotographie
Hairstylist & Make up artist : @maisonmarcellefrance
Models : @etfor_pembele et @maevathecookie 

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