Light blue 2-piece suit

A modern summer suit

In a professional setting, maintaining a well-groomed appearance is often paramount to demonstrate your seriousness and dedication. For a formal look, even during the summer season, our light blue 2-piece suit emerges as the ideal choice. This ensemble consists of a straight-cut jacket, coordinating pants, and a crisp white shirt. The ensemble is elegantly finished with a splendid pair of light brown suede loafers.

Photographer: @cremeuxphoto

To sum up,

Our made-to-measure suit is impeccably suited for both everyday work and summer events. The blue color, symbolizing diligence, not only results in a comfortable suit but also conveys an air of gentlemanly refinement with a relaxed and nonchalant demeanor.

The overall look

The Jacket

Beginning with the jacket, its straight cut imparts a distinguished and timeless appeal to the ensemble. What truly sets this suit apart is its stunning color. The light blue hue injects a touch of whimsy into an initially formal suit, resulting in a formal summer ensemble of note.

The Pants

Now, focusing on the pants, their offset closure and straight hem define a classic and elegant version of suit trousers. They offer the versatility to be worn individually with a shirt or as part of a coordinated set with a jacket.

The Fabric

Speaking of the fabric, it’s a wool weave by the esteemed Italian draper, Loro Piana. Weighing a mere 280 grams, it provides a remarkably comfortable summer ensemble. Wool remains a favored choice for suits, given its breathable, aesthetic, and durable properties.


Turning our attention to footwear, this magnificent pair of double buckles introduces a trendy touch to the outfit. Double buckles are currently in vogue and remarkably versatile.

Some details,

The Shirt

Shifting to the shirt, the Neapolitan collar shirt offers the flexibility of being worn with or without a tie. This high-cut iteration of the Italian collar contributes a dressy element to any outfit. White, being a timeless color, complements any ensemble.


Regarding the pockets, the inclusion of flaps helps maintain the classic formal look, preventing the suit from appearing overly ceremonial or too casual due to its light color. Additionally, the pockets are slanted, which lends the silhouette a sleeker appearance.

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In summary, explore the blue 2-piece suit from every angle. The light blue color infuses a sense of freshness and comfort into your business suit, making it a perfect choice for everyday work or summer events, where a springtime gentleman’s look is always welcomed in your wardrobe.


Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

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