Mismatched suit with blue jacket

A casual and elegant outfit

The work often involves careful dress in order to prove seriousness and commitment. For a dressy look, our mismatched outfit is a perfect option. This suit consists of a smoky blue shirt, gray suit pants and a single-breasted blue jacket. The outfit is completed with a magnificent pair of dark brown tassel loafers.

Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

To sum up,

Our tailor-made Mismatched suit with blue jacket is a perfect outfit for everyday work. The combination of blue and gray allows you to have a unique and distinguished outfit.

The overall look


The single-breasted jacket offers a distinguished and sharp look to the outfit. The blue color and the straight notch provide the necessary formality for an outfit suitable for work with a touch of casualness.


Thanks to its offset closure and its straight bottom, these pants are a classic and elegant version of suit pants. It can easily be worn alone with a shirt or combined with a jacket. It represents an essential piece of men’s wardrobe.

The shoes

This magnificent pair of loafers offers a very distinguished look to the outfit. Indeed, the applique on the shoe platform gives a very chic look to the shoe. This dark brown leather also allows for a very elegant shoe that is easily wearable in different situations.

Some details,

The fabric

The fabric of the jacket is wool woven by the Italian draper Loro Piana. Its lightness due to its ?? grams offers a very pleasant set to wear in the summer season. Wool is the most used fabric for making costumes thanks to its breathable, aesthetic and durable properties.


The patch pockets give the jacket a more casual look. This more casual rendering offers versatility to the jacket so that it can be worn easily in different situations. Its dark blue color is also a bold choice to match this jacket to different occasions.


The Neapolitan collar shirt can be worn with or without a tie. This high version of the Italian collar offers a more formal look to the outfit. This light blue color, symbol of work, brings formality to the outfit and makes the transition between the blue of the jacket and the gray of the pants.

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Discover the mismatched tailor-made suit from every angle. The combination of blue and gray will make your business ensemble unique and refined.

Bring a versatile outfit to your wardrobe with this mismatched suit suitable for everyday work.


Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

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