Navy blue double-breasted wedding suit

Between elegance and versatility

The blue suit is often considered an elegant and versatile alternative to more traditional colors such as black or gray. Indeed, it offers a fresh, modern look while remaining formal and classic. What's more, blue can vary in intensity, from lighter, softer shades to darker, deeper tones, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style and wedding theme.

The blue suit offers great adaptability in terms of accessories. It goes well with different colors of tie, bow tie and clutch, allowing you to personalize your outfit according to your preferences and wedding theme. You can also opt for matching accessories, contrasting tones or subtle patterns to add a touch of originality to your ensemble.

If you're not sure what color to choose, blue is a sure bet!

Photographer: @_dallk_

To sum up,

The versatile blue suit is a classic, elegant choice. It’s the suit color par excellence, worn in both formal and formal settings. What’s more, it’s timeless and can be worn in many different ways. Each piece you combine with it will be unique, and you’ll be able to express your style from a suit that was originally rather classic.

Outfit details

The jacket

This double-breasted suit jacket is made from high-quality dark blue fabric. It features a two-button double-breasted closure, creating a distinctive, stylish appearance. What’s more, the jacket’s lapels can be classic or slightly wider, adding a touch of elegance. Shoulders are often lightly padded for a structured, masculine silhouette. Front pockets are usually flapped, and the jacket is designed to hug the figure with a slim fit. The double-breasted jacket adds an extra dimension of sophistication and refinement to the ensemble.


The centerpiece of any three-piece suit. Often made from the same fabric as the rest of the suit, it completes the ensemble with elegance. The five-button vest offers a classic, formal aesthetic. It’s fitted and slim-fitting to enhance the silhouette. The vest adds an extra layer of sophistication to the outfit, creating an elegant, complete look.


Pants also match the jacket and vest, and are made from the same fabric. They feature a fitted, high-waisted cut that hugs the figure while offering optimum comfort. Pants are often tailored, with a regular waistband and belt loops. Front and back pockets are generally discreet, with no superfluous details. The length of the pants is tailored for a clean finish, with the option of adjusting them to suit your personal preferences.

Why this suit ?

The great classic

This is a suit made from a top-of-the-range fabric. In fact, it’s a cold wool from loro piana unity. This cold wool fabric is versatile, adaptable to every season and airy.

Neutral tones such as white, ivory, light gray or beige can create a classic, elegant backdrop for your wedding ambience. Go for minimalist, elegant decor.

Let yourself be seduced by the classic timelessness of a modern-day dark blue suit. Make the essential gentleman’s outfit your own, and prove to Madame the value of your commitments with this strong, timeless symbol of traditional romance.

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Photographer: @_dallk_

Model : Charles-Henri Terrière

Suit : @blandindelloye


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