wine-colored three-piece suit

A suit in autumn colors

This sumptuous wine-colored three-piece suit is an incomparable choice for winter weddings, thanks to its autumnal hues. The deep elegance of this wine-red hue evokes warm colors, creating an aesthetic that blends perfectly with the magic of winter weddings. It's an ideal choice for country weddings.


Photo credit : La Cabine de Margaux

To sum up,

Holland & Sherry’s 3-piece flannel tailored suit in a wine-red color is an elegant and refined choice for fall weddings.

This high-quality fabric is soft to the touch and feels comfortable and warm. The contrasting vest, in terracotta hues, adds a bold, original touch to the ensemble, while creating a harmonious visual effect with this bespoke suit.


Parts details

The jacket

The shawl collar is the focal point of this suit. Its classic, timeless silhouette is enhanced by the deep, rich lie de vin color, adding a note of sophistication to your outfit. The shawl collar adds a modern touch while maintaining an elegant, classic look. This beautiful hue allows the accessories to express themselves fully, such as this button-up that pairs perfectly with the bow tie. The jacket is fitted with slightly structured shoulders for a more elegant look.

The vest

On this bespoke suit, the vest is mismatched in a terracotta hue that perfectly complements the suit’s wine color. It has a low button fastening and 4 buttons to highlight the jacket.

The pants

The trousers complete the ensemble, with an equally slim fit that enhances the silhouette. Their length is perfect because they break slightly over the shoes.

The fabric

We sourced our fabric from the UK’s iconic draper Holland & Sherry. The soft, comforting texture of the flannel ensures that your wedding will be as warm as possible.

The choice of color

Burgundy is a color with a huge advantage. Since it’s made up of red and black hues, it’s possible to achieve a wide range of renderings. You can find the perfect shade, either red or black, for a unique, wine-red look. Its warm tones will warm the atmosphere and create a cocoon during the ceremony, even as the cooler autumn temperatures gradually set in.

Choose autumn to exchange your vows: the warm colors and romantic atmosphere of this time of year are ideal.

What’s more, burgundy is very easy to wear, match and wear again – it’s a very versatile shade.


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Photographe : @lacabanedemargaux

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