Discover our made-to-measure suit boutique in Montreal to create your custom-made outfits, for a wedding or simply to look elegant every day.

The Blandin & Delloye boutique in Montreal is ideally located in the historic district of old Montreal. Situated between the magnificent Basilic Notre Dame and Place Ville Marie, you can enjoy the area and its many restaurants after visiting us.

Here you’ll find 3 lounges with the same gentlemanly, cosy ambience as all our boutiques.
As part of our masculine universe, you can enjoy a whisky or a coffee while browsing our many bundles of fabrics.

The Montreal boutique is the brainchild of Cédric. Co-founder of Blandin & Delloye, Cédric has always been drawn to the world of made-to-measure suits.

His knowledge of the sartorial arts, coupled with a keen eye for recognizing individual morphological differences, make him the perfect partner for all your projects.

In love with Canada, Cédric Fourny-Delloye decided to move to Montreal to offer the company’s services to Canadians.

With a rich personal history that links him to the North American continent, it was in 2018 that Cédric decided to take the Blandin & Delloye brand across the Atlantic Ocean.

Since then, the team has grown around enthusiasts of sartorial art, men's fashion and the province of Quebec.

Our team


Who are you?
Gauthier, partner in Nantes, Montreal and Ottawa!


Your ideal suit?
Double-breasted suit with bold stripes to elongate the silhouette, Neapolitan shoulders, sharp notch to emphasize the build and double monk shoes!


Your favorite color?
Pale pink!


Your weekend look?
Off-white high-waisted chino with clip, ivory/beige tee, army green linen jacket and army green suede loafers.


An IG account that inspires you?


Megan, our measurement consultant, is passionate about dance.
With 15 years of competitive dancing under her belt, she has a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the discipline. In addition to her passion for dance, Megan also has 10 years' experience in retail, particularly in the fashion sector, which she has always enjoyed.
She also worked as a model for 5 years, gaining unique experience in the fashion world. Megan joined the Blandin Delloye team with two suits in her wardrobe. Since then, she has entered the world of sartorial fashion, and is now running out of space in her wardrobe to store her many made-to-measure suits in fabrics from the greatest drapers.


Who are you?
Cédric, co-founder of the Blandin & Delloye brand.


What's your ideal suit?
Any textured suit using shades of brown, beige or chocolate.


Your weekend look?
A brown safari jacket worn with beige gurkha pants, a white shirt and brown loafers.


Your favorite color?


An IG account that inspires you?

"Incredible experience"

Frankly, it was just an incredible experience. I was looking for a suit for my wedding and initially thought I'd go for ready-to-wear because in my mind a tailor was overpriced. Then I stumbled across Blandin et Delloye a bit by chance. The prices were affordable and I took the plunge. It's been an incredible experience, because with each appointment, the suit takes shape. You can personalize everything. The choice of fabric alone is such a headache. Gauthier gave me really good advice, while leaving the choice up to me. The result is really excellent. I've never felt so good in a suit. The quality is perfect and the fabric beautiful. I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who wants to have a good made-to-measure suit creation experience. Thanks to Blandin and Delloye, I felt very comfortable for my wedding and that contributed to its success.
Paul Thevenot

"I 100% recommend"

Excellent service. I recommend 100%. We had a very good service from the order to the reception of the suit. Smooth communication, always delicate and caring. Much appreciated :-)
Eddie Magnide

"My suit is everything I wanted it to be, it's beautiful."

WOW! What an experience! I highly recommend Blandin & Delloye! I bought my wedding suit from them and from A to Z Gauthier was there, both in terms of advice and follow-up! Choosing a wedding suit is an important step and I felt listened to, understood and guided! My suit is everything I wanted, it's beautiful, and it's all thanks to Gauthier's advice! For a professional service and a unique experience, I highly recommend Blandin & Delloye! You won't be disappointed!
Mathieu Nocquet