Want to gift a made to measure shirt We have what you need

A made-to-measure shirt is an original gift idea. The main advantage of a shirt is that it can be worn in any season and in any circumstance. Giving a made-to-measure shirt has many other advantages. To be sure of pleasing the recipient, it’s important to offer a shirt that suits the size and shape of the person for whom it’s intended. Should I choose a slim or straight cut? What features of the shirt will make it stand out? These are all questions that need to be considered before designing the garment.

Why choose a made-to-measure shirt for men?

Made-to-measure shirts are designed to adapt perfectly to the morphology of the man for whom they are intended. It will fit him perfectly, whether he’s short, tall, stocky or slightly plump. In short, a made-to-measure shirt for every man. This kind of personalized garment is ideal for camouflaging flaws while highlighting assets. Offering a shirt as a gift is a concept that doesn’t lack originality. It’s just a matter of choosing a made-to-measure shirt that makes the recipient feel at ease.

A shirt for big men

Ready-to-wear shirts don’t fit every man’s figure. Some have to make a few alterations, which is a considerable waste of time. To please your nearest and dearest, it’s a good idea to give them a made-to-measure garment, such as a shirt. Many men buy shirts that are far too big, unfortunately giving them a parachute look, with sagging seams at the shoulders or creases under the armpit. Others buy a shirt that’s far too small and looks like it’s going to crack at the slightest brusque gesture. A shirt that fits perfectly will make you feel comfortable and look good.


Which made-to-measure shirt for athletes?

Men with bulging muscles also have trouble finding a shirt that fits. Most of the time, a standard shirt is either too tight around the shoulders or too loose. A made-to-measure shirt is therefore the ideal solution for highlighting the shoulders. A made-to-measure shirt will enhance your pectoral muscles. It’s a perfect fit for any figure. The shirt’s curves are also impeccable. To give the gift of a made-to-measure shirt, simply take the measurements of the person who will receive the shirt and pass them on to a skilled tailor who will create the most beautiful gift.

A shirt for our gourmets

Who says shirts aren’t for overweight men? Even if you’re a bit corpulent, you can still look elegant in a made-to-measure shirt. In this case, the shirt is specially tailored to enhance a generous figure.
By wearing a made-to-measure shirt, plump men can both dress well and enjoy the pleasures of the palate. Your gift will ensure their comfort. So don’t wait any longer to measure up that special friend and make him the made-to-measure shirt that will make him feel as comfortable as possible.


Other advantages of a made-to-measure shirt

A made-to-measure shirt as a gift will delight its recipient. Indeed, receiving this type of gift can make some people want to renew and personalize their wardrobes. Inspired by the gift they receive, the lucky recipient can make their own bespoke shirts, choosing the colors and finishes they like. All that’s left to do is entrust the tailoring to a tailor, and you’ve got yourself some original shirts.

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