Blue 3-piece flannel suit

A classic and elegant suit

At work, you'll want to look your best to prove your seriousness and commitment. For a formal look, our blue 3-piece suit is the perfect option. This suit consists of a straight jacket, a straight vest and matching pants. The outfit can be completed with a bodywarmer, striped tie and a nice pair of dark brown loafers.

Photographer: @cremeuxphoto

To sum up,

Our made-to-measure 3-piece suit is the perfect outfit for everyday work. The effectiveness of the blue color with the removable bodywarmer makes for a timeless, adaptable and elegant outfit.

The overall look

The fabric

It is a lightweight 260-gram flannel woven by Italian draper Vitale Barberis Canonico. This texture is suited to the autumn-winter season, with a weight that allows it to be worn without feeling too warm in milder weather.

The jacket

This jacket features 9cm lapels with straight notches and 2 button fastenings. The pockets are slanted and piped to visually refine the waist. These customization options make this the classic jacket par excellence. It’s a versatile piece, easy to wear in a variety of situations.

The vest

With its medium-high height and 5 buttons, this vest is perfect for wearing with a tie to hold it in place. Piped pockets and a pointed hem give the silhouette a slimmer look.

Some details,

The overcoat

The bodywarmer is a quilted vest that adds warmth to an outfit. The waistband makes it both comfortable and discreet. It can be worn under a suit jacket or overcoat to adapt to the outside temperature. This 100% wool blue fabric will match any outfit for everyday wear.

The pockets

This straight jacket features a piped pocket on each side. This option is often used to bring a distinguished, more ceremonial element to the jacket. The pockets are slanted to give the waist a more tailored look.

The tie

This formal accessory brings a refined look to the outfit, thanks to its club motif. The choice of blue and Burgundy colors enhances the outfit, bringing personality and character to the suit.

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Discover the blue 3-piece suit from every angle. The color blue, symbol of work, will make your outfit timelessly elegant.

Add a must-have outfit to your wardrobe with this simple, classic suit for everyday work.


Photographer : @cremeuxphoto

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