Lilac wedding suit

An urban chic suit

Between tradition and modernity, discover this lilac suit, double-breasted jacket and gurkha pants or bermuda shorts. This suit can be adapted to suit your mood and style. Here, it's worn with a striped polo shirt to accentuate the casual, urban feel of the outfit. If you're used to color and a rather casual style this suit is for you!

Photographer: @_dallk_

To sum up,

This suit is both original and traditional in the shape of the pieces, making it ideal for a wedding at the dawn of spring, when temperatures soften and the sun’s rays warm the atmosphere and bring out the flowers.


Le détail des pièces

The jacket

For this bespoke suit, we chose a six-button double-breasted jacket, a traditional, sartorial style. The wide lapel, much appreciated by suit enthusiasts, adds character and originality to the outfit. This jacket shape is a testament to our expertise in the art of suiting and proportion. The patch pockets and white buttons add contrast and personality to the suit.


High-waisted and ankle-length, the pants have a vintage feel in their cut and a modern color. The side adjusters and double-breasted waistband add soul to these pants, which are a style statement on their own.

The fabric

We offer a fabric from our Carnival bundle by draper Standeeven. It has a fairly light weight of 270g, ideal for the summer season, composed of wool and mohair. A genuine quality fabric.

Why choose this color ?

Opting for a lilac wedding suit brings a touch of elegance and subtlety, creating a refined, sophisticated look.

What’s more, lilac is a color less commonly used in weddings, allowing you to stand out and bring a touch of originality to your outfit. It’s a bold, modern alternative to more traditional colors like blue or gray. Lilac is a color that goes perfectly with certain seasons, notably spring and summer. If your wedding takes place during these periods, the color lilac will blend harmoniously with the surrounding flowers and landscapes, creating a light, romantic atmosphere.

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Photographers : @_dallk_

Suit : @blandindelloye

Dress : @cousuedefilblanc

Planner : @ddayweddingplanner


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